MATH 101 (Integral Calculus), Section 207, 2013 January-April
Instructor: Balazs Rath

How to prepare for the final exam?

Check the INFO posted on the webpage of the Instructor in Charge about the final exam.
Read the relevant sections of Stewart's textbook: note that the webpage with my scanned lecture notes also indicates the pages in the textbook corresponding to each topic. Also, the examples in the book are different than the ones that we covered in class, so you might want to take a look at both the book and the lecture notes for a diverse source of examples.
The best way for you to prepare for the final exam is to do one or more rehearsals: print a past final exam and solve it!
Past exams with solutions can be found online at the Math Exam Resources (MER) webpage .
Click on a year and then the pdf icon to see the MATH 101 final exam sheet from that year. Print it, solve it!
On the same webpage you can also find the detailed solutions to each of the questions.
I strongly suggest that you don't read the solutions posted on the MER webpage before trying to solve the exams yourself!!!
If there is a question with which you are stuck, don't look at the solutions immediately, but click on the "show" button to reveal HINTS, for example to Question 8 (a) from the final exam of 2012 .
Maybe the hint will give you the initial push that you need to complete the answer to the question without looking at the full solution!
You will make the most value out of the past exams if you solve the questions yourself, or at least try to do so before you look at the solutions. This is the best way to come in terms with your strengths and weaknesses, also it is very instructive to make a mistake during rehearsal and recognizing it, and then not making the same mistake again on the real final exam.
Some advice on which questions from the past exams you should IGNORE (because the course material keeps on changing over the years) can be found on this webpage with the Sample Final Exams , created by the Instructor in Charge.
Remember that at least 2/3 of the questions on the final exam will be similar to homework problems, including WEBWORK and SUGGESTED HOMEWORK problems.
Log in to the Piazza page of our MATH 101 class here to discuss your questions regarding the final exam.
Sleep well before final exam, because it will be long and exhausting.