Math Modeling: Applications in the Natural and Social Sciences
Math 445

About the course

Announcements: Final Projects/Final Exam

Final Projects: Final Project Presentations will happen the week of April 3-7. Schedule is very tight, so see instructions below
Format and length will be similar to Midterm Projects.
As some of you already experienced, it is wise to start working with your teams NOW for the final project and presentation, to avoid last minute surprises.
Final Project Reports can be a relatively informal summary of your results from the presentation, and may be handed in during the first week of exams.

Final Exam: The final exam will be a take-home final. You are not allowed to consult anyone besides me for help, but you can use books, computers, etc.
You will be asked to sign a form stating you have worked by yourself. Trust me, it's very easy for me to recognize when people have been working together. You don't want to know what has to them when they are found out.
The Final exam will be posted on the website one week before the scheduled exam date for this class (April 26th, 8:30am). Final exams will be handed in during the scheduled exam period.
Each of you will hand in the final exam individually, and will be asked to give a few minutes of explanation of a randomly selected part of your work.

Schedule for handing in FINAL EXAM

Please bring your final exam to my office according to the following schedule on April 26.
You will spend a few minutes explaining your work.
9am-9:30am: Family names beginning with D-K
9:30am-10am: Family names beginning with R-Y
10am-10:30am: Family names beginning with L-N
10:30am-11am: Family names beginning with A-C




Final Projects:

The schedule is very tight, so there is 1 minute time limit for set-up, etc.
You should keep things written on the board to a minimum.
Reminders of variables or notation should be built into your transparencies
Anything written on the board has to be done before all presentations start at 2pm
Attendance is mandatory for the entire class at all presentations

April 3: 2:00pm Team 2: Influenza
April 3: 2:17pm Team 4: AIDS
April 5: 2:00pm Team 8: Death rates
April 5: 2:17pm Team 6: Demography
April 5: 2:34pm Team 3: Golf club
April 7: 2:00pm Team 7: Finance/Manufacturing
April 7: 2:17pm Team 5: 99 B-Line
April 7: 2:34pm Team 1: Traffic flow

Proposals due March 15/17 (roughly 1 page)
See Syllabus for outline for Proposals
Presentations will be on April 3,5, and 7. Attendance is MANDATORY.
Presentations and Reports follow same outline as Midterm Projects
  • Suggestions for Final Projects
    You can look for additional ideas from references in the text, or other math modeling books/websites.
    I am also available to help you to focus your topic.

    A few additional rules:
    Topics for your team's Final Project must be different from the Midterm Project
    The presenter for the Final Presentation must be different from the presenter for the Midterm Project.
    Modeling and analysis should incorporate more than one approach/technique covered in class.
    That is, it should include some aspects from more than one of the following areas:
    Optimization, dynamical systems, probabilistic/statistical methods