I am in the last semester of my Ph.D. in the Department of Mathematics of the University of British Columbia . I am interested in Algebraic Geometry and work under supervision of Prof. K. Behrend. More specifically, I am interested in the algebro-geometric nature of moduli stacks that are envisaged to appear naturally in the framework of String Theory. Please visit here for some technical and non-technical material related to my research. Before moving to Vancouver, I was a graduate fellow of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA).

Prior to my graduate studies, I double majored in Computer Science and Mathematics in Sharif University of Technology, and still to date I am passionate about research trends in computability and computational complexity. I am the Lead of Fundamental Research in 1QB Information Technologies supervising 12 mathematicians and computer scientists in research areas related to quantum adiabatic computing; e.g. optimization theory, combinatorial optimization, and stochastic processes.

I have worked as a lecturer and teaching assistant in UBC. Some teaching resources and course homepages can be found in teaching. Finally, for my contact information and availability check out contact.