Curriculum Vitae

Date: April 27, 2018



3. FACULTY: Science

4. PRESENT RANK: Professor SINCE: July 1989


University or Institution Degree Subject Area Dates
University of Toronto B.Sc. Mathematics 1971-75
University of Illinois at Ph.D. Probability 1975-79


(a) Prior to coming to UBC

University, Company or Rank or Title Dates
University of Toronto Teaching Assistant 1973-75
University of Illinois Graduate T.A. 1975-79

(b) At UBC

Rank or Title Dates
Post-doctoral Fellow 1979-80
NSERC URF Sept. '80 - Dec. '81
Assistant Professor Jan. '82 - June '85
Associate Professor July '85 - June '89
Professor July 1, 1989
Canada Research Chair July 1, 2001


Professeur Associe', U. Strasbourg, Summer 1984
SERC Research Fellow and Visiting Fellow Trinity College,
Cambridge U., July 86 - June 87
Visiting Professor, U. Wisconsin, Madison, Jan. 01-June 01

(c) Date of granting of tenure at U.B.C.: July 1985


University, Company or Type of Leave Dates
Organization at which
Leave was taken

Cambridge University, Sabbatical July '86 - June '87
(SERC Research Fellow)
Carleton University, Steacie Fellowship July '92 - June '93
University of British Columbia Steacie Fellowship July '93 - June '94
Fields Institute (Teaching Buy-out) Jan. 1999 - May 1999
University of British Columbia, University of Wisconsin, Sabbatical Sept. 00 - Aug. 01
University of British Columbia, Canada Council Killam Fellowship August '07-July '09.
U. Connecticut, University of British Columbia, Sabbatical July 10 - June 11


(c) Graduate Students Supervised

Student Name Program YEAR Principal Co-
Type Start Finish Supervisor Supervisor(s)
Marc Lemieux M.Sc. 1981 1983 Ed Perkins
Mark Reimers Ph.D. 1986 Ed Perkins
Roger Tribe Ph.D. 1989 Ed Perkins
Darius Walczak M.Sc. 1991 1993 Ed Perkins
Miguel Lopez M.Sc. 1991 1993 Ed Perkins
Miguel Lopez Ph.D. 1993 1996 Ed Perkins
Mark Holmes M.Sc. 1998 2001 Gord Slade and Ed Perkins
Mark Holmes Ph.D. 2001 2006 Gord Slade (Princ. Sup.) and Ed Perkins
Feng Yu Ph.D. 2001 2005 Ed Perkins
Jeremy Flowers M.Sc. 2002 2005 David Brydges and Ed Perkins
Sandra Kliem Ph.D. 2004 2009 Ed Perkins
Hardeep Gill M.Sc. 2005 2007 Ed Perkins
Hardeep Gill Ph.D. 2007 2011 Ed Perkins
Yu-Ting Chen Ph.D. 2009 2013 Ed Perkins
Yicheng Kang M.Sc. 2009 2010 Ed Perkins
Jing Yu M.Sc. 2012 2014 Ed Perkins
Spencer Frei M.Sc. 2013 2015 Ed Perkins
Thomas Hughes M.Sc. 2014 2016 Ed Perkins
Saif Syed M. Sc. 2014 2016 Ed Perkins
Jieliang Hong M.Sc. 2015 2017 Ed Perkins
Thomas Hughes Ph. D. 2016- Ed Perkins
Jieliang Hong Ph. D. 2017- Ed Perkins

(d) Continuing Education Activities
Honours Advisor-3rd year 97-98
-4th year 98-99
-2nd year 99-00
Honours Advisor-2nd year Winter 01
Honours Advisor-3rd year 02-03
Honours Advisor-4th year 03-04

(e) Visiting Lecturer (indicate university/organization and dates)
Fields Inst. Jan. - April /99
Clermont-Ferrand July/99


(d) Invited Presentations (Selected and recent)

33rd Conference on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, Doob Lecture, Berlin, Germany, July 2009

Sixth Seminar on Stochastic Analysis, Random Fields and Applications, Ascona, Switzerland, May 2008

7th World Congress of Bernoulli Society, Singapore, July 2008

Royal Society New Fellows Conference, London, U.K., July 2007

International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications, Seattle, August 2006

Conference on Stochastic Processes, RIMS, Kyoto, Japan, Sept. 2005

4th Symposium on Levy Processes:Theory and Applications, Manchester,
Jan. 2005, invited lecture.

6th World Congress of Bernoulli Society, Barcelona, Spain, July 2004, invited lecture.

Oberwolfach Conference on Branching Processes, Oberwolfach, Germany,
July 2003, Invited 90 minute Lecture.

Fields-CRM Lecture, Centre Recherche Mathematique and Fields Institute,
November 2003.

CMS Meeting, Quebec City, June, 2002 (Jeffery-Williams Lecture)

Workshop on Stochastic Systems, Montreal, April 2002.

Canada-China Congress, Vancouver, Aug. 2001

Conference on Stochastic Systems,EURANDOM, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Jan
6-11, 2001 Plenary Speaker

Cornell U. Probability Seminar, Oct. 2000.

Ohio State U. Probability Seminar, Feb., 2001.

Saint Flour Summer School, Saint Flour, France, July, 1999.

Minicourse on Measure-valued diffusions, Fields
Institute, Feb.- April , 1999.

International Conference on Stochastic Models (in honour of (Don
Dawson), Carleton U., June 1998.

Pacific Rim conference in Mathematics, Hong Kong, Jan. 1998.

Conference in Probability in Honor of Harry Kesten, Cornell, June,

G. de B. Robinson Award Lecture, Fields Institute, April, 1997.

Instructional Meeting on Stochastic Differential Equations (plenary
speaker), Edinburgh, April, 1997.

Summer meeting of the CMS, Toronto, June, 1995 (50th Anniversary

International Congress of Mathematicians Zurich, Aug. 1994.

Special Invited Lecture, Third World Congress of the Bernoulli
Society, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, June 1994.

Special Term on Random Spatial Processes, Newton Institute, Aug. 1993.

Workshop on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Principal
Lecturer, C.R.M., Montreal, Oct. 1992.

Conference on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations at CIRM,
Marseille-Luminy, April 1992.

International Conference on SPDE's, Charlotte, N.C., May 1991.

2nd International Durham Symposium on Probability, Durham, U.K., July 1990.

Trjitzinsky Lectures, U. of Illinois, Dec. 1989.

(e) Other Presentations
Graduate Address, Math and Stat., U. of Illinois, May 1999

(f) Other

(g) Conference Participation (Organizer, Keynote Speaker, etc.)

Seminar on Stochastic Processes 1989, Vancouver (Organizer)
Session on Measure-Valued Diffusions, 3rd World Congress of
the Bernoulli Society, June 1994 (Organizer).
Session on Probability, 50th Anniversary Meeting of the CMS,
June 1995 (Organizer)
Workshops on Stochastic PDE's Vancouver (1995, Aug. 1997)
(Co-organizer Don Dawson)
First Vancouver Conference on Probability (Aug. 1997)
(Co-organizer Martin Barlow)
Session on Probability, Pacific Rim Conference on Mathematics,
Jan., 1998, Hong Kong (Organizer).
Conference on Interactive Measure-valued Processes, Fields
Institute, March, 1999 (Co-organizer, Don Dawson) Probability Session,
CMS Winter Meeting, Vancouver (Dec./00) (Co-organzer, Martin Barlow)
Changing the Culture I,II, III (PIMS Educational Meeting),
Organizing Committee, 1997-2000
Second Biannual Canada-China Congress, Aug. 2001, Vancouver
(Organizer, Session in Probability and Mathematical Statistics)
Conference on Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Sept. 2003,
BIRS (Co-organizers, Martin Barlow, Chris Burdzy, Robert Dalang)
Scientific Committee, Seminar on Stochastic Processes, March 2003,
U. Washington.
Seminar on Stochastic Processes, May 2004, UBC (Co-organizers, Martin
Barlow, Ander Holroyd, Vlada Limic).
Summer School in Probability, May-June 2004, UBC (Co-organizer, Martin
Collaborative Research Group in Probability (Coordinator) 2004-05.
Summer School in Probability, June 2005, UBC (Co-organizer with
M. Barlow and G. Slade).
Workshop on Stochastic PDE's, July 4--8, UBC (Organizer).
Probability Session, CMS Winter meeting, Dec. 2005, U. Victoria (Co-organizer
with M. Barlow).


(a) Memberships on committees, including offices held and dates
Liaison with Statistics Dept., 1986-
Chairman, Departmental Headship Committee, 1985-86
Committee for Honours Programme in the Mathematical Sciences
Hiring Priorities Committee 1987-88
Promotion and Tenure Committee 1988-89
Graduate Review Committee 1990
Killam Prize Faculty of Science Committee 1990, 1991
Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee 1991-92
Executive Co-chair, PIMS 1995-96
Executive, PIMS 1996-97
Dean of Science Selection Committee 1998
Graduate Affairs committee 1997-2000.
Board of PIms 1997 -
Steering Committee of Board of PIms 1997-
Director Search Committee (PIms) 1996-98
Tenure and Promotion Committee, Statistics, 1998
Director Review Committee (PIms) 2000-
Departmental C21 Committee 2000
CRC Cluster Committee in Microelectronics (Brydges)-April -Aug . 2000
Tenure and Promotion Committee, Statistics, 2001-02
PIMS Retreat Chair, Sept. 2001
Dean of Science Selection Committee, 2002-03
Director Search Committee (PIMS) (Secretary, Chair), 2002-03
Tenure and Promotion Committee, Statistics, 2002-03
Honours Undergraduate Advisor--most recently fourth year 2003-04
Liaison with Statistics Dept. 2002-.
Deputy Director Search Committee (PIMS), 2003-04.
Departmental Facilities Committee, 2003-
Associate Head of Department, July 1 05-July 1 07
Chair Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2005

(b) Other service, including dates


(a) Memberships on scholarly societies, including offices held and dates

Member, CMS, IMS

Fellow, RSC 1988-

Fellow, Inst. Math. Statistics, 2003-

Fellow, Fields Institute, 2003-
Fellow, Royal Society 2007-

(b) Memberships on other societies, including offices held and dates

Wesbrook Society, UBC 2002-

(c) Memberships on scholarly committees, including offices held and dates

C.M.S. (Research Committee 1989-93 , Chair 1991, Vice-Chair 1992)
Royal Society of Canada, Synge Prize Committee, 1993-98.
Royal Society of Canada (Fellowship Committee, Mathematical and
Physical Science Division 1995-98)
Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Science Council, 1996-99.
IMS Conference Committee 1997-2001
CMS Doctoral Prize Committee 2000-01
CMS International Affairs Committee 2001-08
IMS Nomination Committee 2001-02, 2003-.
Royal Society of Canada Tory Medal Committee 2002-05
Banff International Research Station, Scientific Advisory Panel 2001-07
Scientific Panel for 31st Conference on "Stochastic Processes and
their Applications", Paris, 2006.
CMS, Vice President (West) 2005-07
CMS, Nomination Committee, 2010-, Chair 2012-

(d) Memberships on other committees, including offices held and dates

Member of Review Team, Graduate Program, Dept. of Mathematical
Sciences, U. of Alberta, Feb., 1999.

(e) Editorships (list journal and dates)

Associate Editor Prob. Th. Rel. Fields 1983-94.
Advisory Board Prob. Th. Rel. Fields 1994-2000
Assoc. Ed. Annales de l'Institute Henri Poincare' 1994-2016
Assoc. Ed., Can. J. Math 1994 - 1999
Assoc. Ed., Ann. Applied Probability 1997-1999
Assoc. Ed. Stochastic Processes and their Applications 2000-2005
Assoc. Ed. Electronic J. Prob. and Electronic Comm. Prob 2002-2011
Assoc. Ed. Ann. Prob. 2012-2017

(f) Reviewer (journal, agency, etc. including dates)
Prob. Th. Rel. Fields, Annals of Probability, Stochastics,
J. Stat. Phys., Transactions AMS, Memoirs AMS, Comm. Math. Phys......

(g) External examiner (indicate universities and dates)
J. F. Delmas, U. Paris VI 1997
L. Serlet, U. Paris VI 1993
J.F. LeGall, U. Paris VI 1986
L. Serlet, U. Paris V, 2004, Habilitation

(h) Consultant (indicate organization and dates)

(i) Other service to the community


(a) Awards for Teaching (indicate name of award, awarding
organizations, date)

Science Undergraduate Society Teaching Excellence Award, March, 1998

Faculty of Science Teaching Award, 2002

AMS Just Desserts Teaching Award, 2004

(b) Awards for Scholarship (indicate name of award, awarding
organizations, date)

Rollo Davidson Prize, Cambridge University, 1983
Coxeter-James Lecturer, Canadian Math. Soc. 1986
Killam Research Prize, U.B.C. 1986
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 1988-
Trjitzinsky Lecturer, U. of Illinois, 1989
Steacie Fellow, NSERC, 1992-94
International Congress of Mathematicians, invited address, Zurich, 1994
G. de B. Robinson Award, Canadian Math. Soc., 1996.
Jeffery-Williams Lectureship, Canadian Math. Soc., 2002
CRM-Fields Prize, CRM and Fields Institute, 2003 (cowinner with John McKay)
Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2003-
Fellow of the Fields Institute, 2003-
Fellow of the Royal Society (London), 2007-
Canada Council Killam Research Fellowship, 2007-09

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