Math 220-Mathematical Proof

This is the common course website for Math 220. For Homeworks, information on midterms, and more detailed course information please to your Section's website which may be found on your instructor's website.

Course outline.

Grading Scheme
Weekly Homeworks (posted on Section webpage): 10
Workshop Quizzes (on alternating Thursdays starting Jan. 10): 5
Two Tests: 35
Final Exam: 50
Total: 100

Weekly homeworks will be posted on the course website on Wednesdays and collected in class on Thursday of the following week; no late homework's will be accepted. It is likely that only a subset of the questions on each HW will be graded by the TA.
Starting Thursday January 10 on alternating Thursdays, the classes will be organized as workshops in which students in small groups will work problems. There will be a short quiz at the end of each workshop.
The exam will be scheduled by the Registrar. Please do NOT make travel plans before the schedule is released later in the term.

Policy on missed assignments and tests
Students who are unable to hand in a homework or quiz due to a medical or equivalent excuse may have that homework/quiz not count towards their final grade.
Missing a test normally results in a mark of zero. Exceptions are granted only with prior consent of the instructor or due to a medical emergency. In the latter case, the instructor must be notified within two working days of the missed test and presented with a doctor's note immediately upon the students return to UBC. If an exception is granted for a missed test, the final exam will be used to make up that portion of the grade.

Other Resources
Drop-in tutorials begin during the second week of term. The schedule including locations will be available on-line at