Math 152 Linear Systems

 Section 201


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Instructor: Ozgur Yilmaz
Email :
Office: Math Annex 1113
Hours: Tue 11am-12pm, Fri 2-3pm, or by appointment.
Phone: (604) 822-5963

Section: 201
Class times and location: 

Day Start Time End Time Building Room
Mon Wed Fri   1:00 PM
2:00 PM

  • The course concerns linear algebra concepts, stressing their application and their connection to geometry. For more detailed information:
  • Text

  • WebWork Assignments: 
    • WebWork Assignments are posted online every week on Fridays and have a deadline for submission on Monday (after 10 days) at 10PM. 
    • There will be eleven assignments. Your lowest mark will be dropped from the average. 
    • WeBWorK assignments are posted on the UBC connect system.
  • Computer Labs:
    • Computer labs using the mathematical software package MATLAB begin in the second week of classes. Each student does a lab every two weeks, starting in the second or third week. Look at your lab section registration information to see where your lab will be held and what week you start. 
    • MATLAB material will be tested on exams. 
    • Lab assignments are posted on the UBC connect system. Lab report are also submitted in this system.
    • Lab reports are due on Fridays 10PM of the week when your lab takes place. (If your first lab is during the week Jan 8-12, then the report is due Jan 12. If your first lab is during the week Jan 15-19, then the report is due Jan 19.) 
    • UBC has a site license for MATLAB. Registered students can download it on their own computers. Detailed instructions can be found here. 
    • The lab rooms are available for your use outside of your lab hour. A schedule for the labs is posted here. Whenever there is nothing listed here, the room is free for your use.
For course policies (grading, exam dates, and a detailed course outline), see the common course web page: