MATH 105 Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences

 Section 205


Jan 1    See you in class on Monday.
Jan 4    First WebWork assignment (due on Jan 13, 11pm) is posted.
Jan 11  See the common course website for a sample midterm and an old midterm (with solutions).
Jan 13  WebWork assignment 2 (due on Jan 20, 11pm) is posted.
Jan 13  We will have Quiz 1 on Monday, Jan 18. Sections 12.1 (including dot products), 12.2, and 12.4 will be covered.
Jan 19  Here is the solution set of Quiz 1.
Jan 19  Midterm 1 will be held on Thursday, Jan 28. Our section (Section 205) will take midterm 1 in LSK 201. See the common course website for more information regarding Midterm 1 (Under MIDTERM EXAM NOTICE).

Instructor: Ozgur Yilmaz
Email :
Office: Math Annex 1113
Hours:  By appointment
Phone: 822-5963


Here is the link to the common course website (ALL sections):

Webwork: The webwork assignments (common to all sections) will be posted at

You may find Piazza a useful resource -- please use it as a discussion forum.
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Class times and location: 

Day Start Time End Time Building Room
Mon Wed Fri   12:00 13:00 LSK


Common to all sections:
Two midterms (17% each), final exam (50%), and webwork (10%)

Section 205 only:
We will have biweekly quizzes. These quizzes will be worth 6% of your grade. The problems in these quizzes will be similar to the practice problems announced in the common course website.

For course policies and a detailed course outline, see the Math 105 common course website.