Math 312: Introduction to Number Theory

UBC, Winter 2017 Term 1: Sep 05 to Dec 01


General Information

Instructor: Nuno Freitas
Office: Mathematics Building, room 209
e-mail: (My first name)

Lecture time: Mon Wed Fri 11:00-12:00
Lecture room: Mon, Wed: Chemistry building, room D300. Fri: Buchanan A, room 104.

Office hours: Mon 12:30-14:00 and Fri 9:00-10:30, room 300C LSK building.

TA: Adela Gherga
Office hours: Wed 12:30-14:00, room 300C LSK building.

Textbook: K. Rosen, Elementary Number Theory, 6th edition.

Lecture Notes: We will closely follow these notes. These are unrevised and work in progress so use them at your own risk!


This is a first course in number theory, aimed at students who have some (but not necessarily much) experience with reading and writing proofs. Specifically, it will be assumed that students are familiar with basic techniques of mathematical proof and reasoning such as induction and proof by contradiction. We will introduce basic concepts of number theory, such as prime numbers, factorization, and congruences, as well as some of their applications, particularly to cryptography.

You can find a detailed syllabus here.


Grading Scheme: There will be 3 midterms from which the least score will be automatically discarded. The two top scores in the midterms will count for 20% + 20% = 40% of the final grade. Grading homework will count for 10% of the grade. The final exam will correspond to the remaining 50% of the final grade. Attention: Independently of your term average, you need to obtain at least 40% on the final exam to pass the course.

Homework: A list of suggested problems will be made available regularly. You will be asked to solve and return some of them for grading.

Exams: All exams will be closed-book, closed-note, no calculators. You are required to be present at all examinations. Non-attendance will result in a mark of zero being recorded. No make up midterm will be given. If you must miss the midterm and you have a documented medical reason, then you may request to have the weight of the midterm transferred to the final exam.

Midterm: All the midterms will take place during class. Probable dates are: 1st midterm Friday 29th of Sep, 2nd midterm Friday 27th of Oct and 3rd midterm Friday 17th of Nov.

Homework problems and other things you should do