MATH101:202 2017W Term 2
instructor: Nicolau Sarquis Aiex
email: nsarquis 'at'
time: Mon-Wed-Fri 10.00am-11.00am
location: Buchanan A104
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 1pm-3pm, LSK300B

For all information regarding the course, please refer to the main website common to all sections.
Main Website
To access WebWork you can use the link provided on the main website: Homework


Examples on Friday 02.03 (Work): Work1
Examples on Monday 05.03 (Work): Work2
Examples on Wednesday 07.03 (Average): Avg1
Examples on Friday 09.03 (Centre of Mass): CM
Brief notes on centre of mass for 2-dimensional shapes: Notes Centre of Mass
Exercises (and solutions) on convergence of series on Monday 26.03: Series

*Examples from lectures on 07.03 and 09.03 are available above as well as a simple set of notes that I wrote on centre of mass.
*Examples present in class using the document camera on Monday 05.03 are available above.
*Examples present in class using the document camera on Friday 02.03 are available above.
*For information about Grading scheme, midterms and learning goals please see the Course Website linked above.