Dr. Neil Balmforth


This course provides an introduction to solution methods for ODEs.

The syllabus:
I. First-order ODEs (integrating factors, separable equations)
II. Second-order, constant coefficient ODEs (real, repeated and complex roots; homogeneous and inhomogeneous)
III. Systems of ODEs
IV. Laplace Transform methods
V. Fourier series
VI. Solution of partial differential equations by separation of variables

Assessment will involve coursework (homework problems) and examination.

Recommended texts:
Boyce and DiPrima, ``Elementary differential equations and boundary value problems''
E. Kreiszig, ``Advanced Engineering Mathematics''

Office hours: Mon 1pm, Wed 12pm, Fri 3pm
The TA: Yifu Zhou
Remember: work him hard
TA Office hours: TUE 2pm-3pm and THU 4pm-5pm at LSK 300 (the room next to the Math Learning Center).
Webwork page

There will be no lectures on Friday Sep 22 and Monday November 20

Midterm 1: October 6
Sample midterm 1
Sample midterm 2
Solutions to actual midterm

Midterm 2: November 3
Sample midterm 1
Sample midterm 2
Terse solution summary
Midterm 2

Sample finals
Solutions -- solution to 1 in part I of "more final problems" is (b) not (a)

Background knowledge
Fun with complex numbers
Notation and more
Some terse notes

Lecture notes I
Lecture notes II
Lecture notes III
Lecture notes IV
Extra notes on IV
Lecture notes V
Table of Laplace transforms, Additional problems on Laplace transforms,
Lecture notes VI
Lecture notes VII

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