MATH 215, Section 202

Session 2017W, Term 2 (Jan - Apr 2018)

Last update: 2018.04.06 ( New office hours )


OFFICE HOURS IN APRIL EXAM PERIOD (regular office hours are cancelled):

2:00--3:00 pm Wed Apr 11
1:00--3:00 pm Thu Apr 12

Instructor: Wayne Nagata
Email: nagata(at)math(dot)ubc(dot)ca
Office: Mathematics building, room 112
Office hours: M W 2:00-2:50 pm, F 4:00-5:00 pm, or by appointment
Telephone: 604-822-2573

Lecture Notes and Suggested Homework

Most test and exam questions will be like some of the Suggested Homework and Assigned Homework problems. Make a serious attempt to solve Suggested Homework problems, before consulting the Student Solutions Manual. If you missed a lecture, this is an approximate guide to what topics were covered. Page and question numbers are from the new 11th edition. [The problems are also in the 10th edition, but on different pages and usually with different numbers.]

Answers are in the back of the book, or by clicking the "Answer" button in the electronic version of the textbook, 11th ed. More detailed solutions (mostly) are available in the Student Solutions Manual (mostly the same in 10th and 11th ed), or by clicking the "Solution" button in the electronic version of the 11th ed.

Assigned Homework

Submit your Assigned Homework solutions ON TIME for marks. Homework is due at the beginning of the lecture on the due date. Homework submitted after the beginning of the lecture on the due date will not be marked.

Put your NAME and UBC I.D. NUMBER in the TOP RIGHT corner of the ALL pages.

Midterm Tests

No notes, books, etc. allowed. No calculators, cell phones, etc. allowed. Numerical answers may be given as "calculator ready".

Final Examination

Link to UBC final exam schedule (MATH215 202 APR 13 2018 12:00 PM)

Grading Scheme

NOTE: Not doing homework (yourself) will make it nearly impossible to pass the course. Test and exam questions will be based on homework questions, but you will have limited time for them in the tests and exam, so you should prepare by doing homework questions throughout the term.