MATH 101 Section 212 (CSP), Session 2010W Term 2 (Jan–Apr 2011)

2011 01 10 14:30 (links below may be updated more frequently)

MATH 101 Common Website: Course outline, course policies, and other important information.

Instructor: Wayne Nagata, Office: Mathematics 112, Email: nagata at math dot ubc dot ca, Telephone: 604-822-2573.

Office Hours: Mon Apr 18 13:00 – 15:50 (this session only in Chemistry building, room B150), Tue Apr 19 14:00 – 15:00, Wed Apr 20 15:00 – 16:00, or by appointment (email is usually best).


Suggested Homework: These problems will not be marked but you should be doing these regularly as the course progresses. Answers for odd-numbered questions are in the back of the textbook, more detailed solutions are in the Student Solutions Manual. Many Final Exam, Midterm Test, and Quiz questions will be based on the Suggested Homework problems.

Marked Homework. Weekly assignments due Thu 14:00.

Midterm Tests. Tue Feb 1, Tue Mar 15

Information about the April 2011 Final Exam (and old exams) All MATH 101 sections will write the same final exam. DO NOT TO MAKE ANY TRAVEL PLANS BEFORE YOUR FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE IS KNOWN AS ALTERNATE EXAM DATES WILL NOT BE ARRANGED TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS. The preliminary final exam schedule is usually released mid-February.

Mathematics Department Tutorial Centre.

Calculators: No calculators or cell phones, pagers, etc. are allowed in the Final Exam, in Midterm Tests, or in any Quiz.

Grading Scheme: Final Exam 50%; Scaled Term Mark 50%. The Term Mark (two Midterm Tests contributing 20% each to the Final Grade, Marked Homework assignments and Quizzes contributing 10% to the Final Grade) is SCALED after the Final Exam is written, according to this section's performance on the common Final Exam.

Missed Marked Homework, Quizzes or Midterm Tests: If a Marked Homework assignment or Quiz is missed for any reason, the score is 0. However, Marked Homework assignments can be handed in early if you know you will be absent on the due date. Allowance for a missed Midterm Test may be granted in the following two circumstances: (a) prior notice of a valid, documented absence (e.g. out-of-town varsity athletic commitment) on the scheduled date; or (b) notification to the instructor within 72 hours of absence due to medical condition. Otherwise the score is 0. For missed Midterm Tests, original written documentation (for example a doctor’s note or letter from a coach) is required.