MATH 101, Section V01 (Vantage College)

Session 2017W, Term 2 (Jan - Apr 2018)

Last update: 2018.01.21 ( A2 solu, A3 )

Instructor: Wayne Nagata
Email: nagata(at)math(dot)ubc(dot)ca
Office: Mathematics building, room 112
Office hours (MATH 101.V01 teaching team): W 12:00-13:50 in Orch 4016, or by appointment
Telephone: 604-822-2573

Homework Assignments

Hand in your solutions ON TIME for marks.

Put your NAME and UBC STUDENT NUMBER at the top of the FIRST page of written submissions. STAPLE multiple pages of written submissions together in the TOP LEFT corner.

Midterm Test (Thursday February 15, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm)

No notes, books, etc. allowed. No calculators, cell phones, etc. allowed. Numerical answers may be given as "calculator ready".

Final Examination (in April)

Link to UBC final exam schedule

Grading Scheme