MATH 100 and MATH 180 (all sections), Sep-Dec 2010


BRING YOUR STUDENT I.D. CARD to the final exam and KEEP IT WITH YOU when you write the exam.

You need to know your course and section number! Go to the correct location (at the correct time) for your course and section number. You should also know the name of your instructor so you can write it on your exam paper (this helps stray exams from being lost).

MATH 100 and MATH 180 have the same final exam. Last year's December final exam for MATH 100/180 is given below.

The UBC Math Club will be selling a package containing several recent MATH 100/180 final exams together with solutions, starting Mon. Nov. 29. These packages will be on sale in Math Annex Room 1119. ($5 for Math Club members, $10 for non-members.)


Comments about this year’s final exam:

  1. No calculators, books or formula sheets are allowed. Also, cell phones are not permitted.
  2. Question #1 is a multiple-part short-answer question, as in previous final exams. It has 14 parts, (a) to (n), worth 3 marks each. Boxes will be provided to put your answer in. Full marks will be given for correct answers placed in the box, but at most 1 mark will be given for incorrect answers. Unless otherwise stated, it is not necessary to simplify your answers for the 14 parts of Question #1.
  3. Questions #2–#8 are full-solution problems, for which all work must be shown. Simplification of answers is not required unless explicitly requested. Numerical answers can be left as "calculator-ready" unless explicitly requested otherwise.
  4. At least 2/3 of the questions on the final exam will be similar to the suggested homework problems. The homework problems are a good guide for material students are responsible for.
  5. In applications problems, students are expected to be familiar with both the Metric and Imperial systems. Note in particular that in the Imperial system, pounds are a unit of force.
  6. Students are responsible for all topics included in this year’s course outline. All of these topics are contained within the relevant sections of the textbook and Course Notes. Note the following:
  7. Sections of the textbook or Course Notes that are NOT in the course outline (for example Course Notes §3 Taylor Series, §4.4 l'Hospital's Rule) will NOT be covered in the exam.
  8. The final exam will comprise 50% of students’ final course grades. The final exam will not generally be weighted higher for students who perform better on the final exam than they did during the term. Note however that term marks for each of the sections of MATH 100 and MATH 180 will be scaled depending on the section’s performance on the final exam, as explained in the Course Policies section of the MATH 100 and MATH 180 homepage.