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Left Left: 4.1 No WHAT?!!?^&%$##!! Up Right Right: 4.3 NUKE the education system!

A man and his teenage son are driving back from a late game in their pick-up truck. The son interrupts the comfortable silence of driving.

"Dad, sometimes I don't feel fresh."

The truck comes to a screeching halt on the side of the road. After a pause the man says, "Crunchy butt?" without turning.

"Yeah", the son replies head down.

"Well, just recently my doctor recommended this...." The man reaches behind the front seat and pulls out a roll of toilet paper. In reply to his son's look of confusion he says, "Don't worry; I have the instructions at home."

After a deep meaningful look the son smiles: "Thanks Dad."

They return to the road and their comfortable silence. Odd floral music accompanies them to the horizon.

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