Math 215-201, Term 2, Winter 2013-2014

Welcome to the course webpage for section 201 of math 215 (section 202 page here)!

This is a course in ordinary differential equations, but rest assured, there's nothing ordinary about what we'll be studying in this course ☺! Differential equations are everywhere - most daily processes are governed by differential equations: how a coffee cools, how diseases spread, how the fuel cells in buses operate, how the planets of our solar system orbit the sun - everywhere, really! In Math 215, we'll start to explore the magic of differential equations.

This page will be updated semi-regularly during the January-April term, with regular updates posted on twitter (scroll down) and sent via email.

Some useful documents/links:

Just for fun:

Lectures: Mon/Wed/Fri, 10-10:50 am, MATH 100 -- Our first class will be Monday, January 6!

Instructor: Mike

Contact: MLRTLM at math dot ubc dot ca

Required Materials: just an iClicker - the official textbook is online and free!

Grading Scheme:
Final Exam -- 50%
3 Commom Midterms -- 30 %
Common WebWorK -- 10%
Section-specific work -- 10% (2% for labs + 8% [4% best of + 3% middle of + 1% lowest of] clickers, quizzes, and homeworks)

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