MATH 105 Section 205

Integral Calculus with Applications

2015 Spring

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Brief Course Outline
Instructor: Dr. Mingfeng Zhao
Office Location: Earth Sciences Building 4122
Office Phone Number: +1(604)-822-2159
Office Hours Location: Leonard S. Klinck Building 300C
Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday 01:30PM--02:30PM or By Appointment
Class Time: MonWenFri 04:00PM-05:00PM
Classroom: Buchanan A103
Textbook: Calculus: Early Trnscendentals, Volume 2. Fourth custom edition for UBC, by Briggs and Cochran. The textbook is available at the UBC Bookstore. ISBN 10 digit: 1269921924. ISBN 13 digit: 9781269921923. This book is available at the UBC Bookstore.
Contents: Antiderivatives, the definite integral, techniques of integration, infinite series, partial derivatives, maxima and minima with constraints, discrete and continuous random variables
Credits: 3
Pre-reqs: One of MATH 100, MATH 102, MATH 104, MATH 110, MATH 111, MATH 120, MATH 180, MATH 184.
Last Day to Withdraw without a W standing: January 19, 2015
Last Day to Withdraw with a W standing: Feburary 13, 2015 (course cannot be dropped after this date)
Instructor in Charge: Professor Keqin Liu


The Common Webpage for Math 105

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Piazza: Students are recommended to sign up the Piazza for this course. Students can ask and answer questions in the Piazza.

Piazza Signup Link:

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Note: I will post all lecture notes, solutions to quizzes, and solutions to midterm exams on this website.


  • WebWorks Assignments 10%
  • Two Midterm Exams Each 17%
  • Final Exam 50%
  • Quizzes 6%

Quizzes: There will be 10-15minutes quizzes in class weekly(8 quizzes totally) on each Wednesday. First quiz will be on January 14, 2015. Each quiz has 10 points, in the end your quiz part grade will be equal to min(the sum of 8 quizzes/10, 6).

Midterm Exams: There will be two One Hour midterm exams scheduled on 

  • Midterm 1: Thursday, January 29th, 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Midterm 2: Wednesday, March 18th, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Final Exam: The final exam will cover all contents in the entire semester. Please avoid making any travel arrangements that would not allow you to take the final at the scheduled time:

  • Final Exam: Thursday, April 23rd, 8:30am-