MATH 323, Winter 2015 Term 2

Course Outline [PDF]


Miljan Brakocevic
Office hours: Tue 16:00-17:00, Thu 14:00-15:00 in LSK 300C, or by appointment.
first name at math dot ubc dot ca

Section Information

Time: Tue, Thu 9:30-11:00
Location: BUCH A202
Dates:Jan 04, 2016 - Apr 08, 2016

Grading Scheme

Your final course mark will be a maximum of the following two grading schemes:


Missing a midterm or submitting homework late normally results in a mark of 0. Exceptions may be granted in two cases: prior consent of the instructor or a medical emergency. In the latter case, the instructor must be notified within 48 hours of the missed item, and presented with a doctor's note immediately upon the student's return to UBC. The midterm is fixed for Thursday, Feb 25 in class and no make-up midterm will be given.

Lecture Notes

Part I: Rings

Dates Section in Textbook Lecture Notes
Jan 5 & 7 Parts of 7.1, 7.3 & 7.4 Basic Definitions. First Examples.
Jan 12 7.2 Key Examples (cont'd).
Jan 14 & 19 Parts of 7.5, 7.2 Key Examples (cont'd).
Jan 21 & 26 Parts of 7.3 Ring Homomorphisms and the Isomorphism Theorems.
Jan 26 & 28 7.4 More on Ideals.
Feb 2 & 4 7.6 The Chinese Remainder Theorem.
Feb 4 Parts of 8.1 Euclidean Domains.
Feb 9 & 11 Parts of 8.1, 8.2 Principal Ideal Domains.
------- ------- ------- Midterm Material Cut-off -------


A weekly homework will be due on Thursdays at the end of lecture, starting January 14. You are encouraged to discuss homework and work together, however everyone must have his/her own homework write-up. No e-mail submission is allowed . You are responsible for: Each homework consists of several problems; a few of which will be randomly selected and graded by the student grader for the mark. The problems will be posted exactly one week before their due dates.

Assignment Problem Set Due Date Solutions
Homework 1 PDF Jan 14 PDF
Homework 2 PDF Jan 21  
Homework 3 PDF Jan 28  
Homework 4 PDF Feb 4  
Homework 5 PDF Feb 11  
Homework 6 PDF Feb 25  

Academic Integrity

The UBC official policy on academic misconduct is described HERE.

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