Math 152: Linear Systems

2013-14 Winter, Term 2

Section 201, 202

This is the webpage for sections 201 and 202 and contains information specific to our sections. Please refer to the common course webpage for most updates and general information including course outline, grading scheme, exam policies.


Man Chuen CHENG

Email: mccheng at math dot ubc dot ca

Office: ESB 4134


Section 201: Mon, Wed, Fri, 12-1pm, LSK 200
Section 202: Tue, Thu, 8-9:30am, LSK 201

Office hours

I will hold my office hours at the the Mathematics Annex Bldg but not my office.

Tuesday, 3-5:30pm @ MATX 1118

Thursday, 9:30-11am @ MATX 1102

Friday, 2:30-4:30pm @ MATX 1102


Weekly online assignments will be posted at


There will be two in-class midterm exams. The first one will be on Thursday, Jan30/ Friday, Jan31 and the second one will be on Thursday, Mar13/ Friday, Mar14. You can find exam policy and old exam problems and solutions at the common course webpage.


You will be responsible for completing six one hour computer labs using the software, MATLAB. There are no labs during the first week of classes. Please refer to the common course webpage for details.

Math Learning Centre

The math department provides drop-in tutoring for students. For details, see


Online notes are available here (3.8 MB pdf file, 258 pages) for all 6 chapters. We will be covering all six chapters, excluding the material listed as ``additional topics".

Lecture slides

These are the hand-written slides of the lectures from either the MWF or TueThu sections.
Week 1
A note on the parametric and equation forms of lines and planes
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Further Reading (Not for Exam)

Here is a note by Professor Brian White on "How Google ranks web pages" using the idea of eigenvectors.