About me

I am a fourth year PhD candidate working under the supervision of Alexandra Pettet and
Juan Souto at UBC. So far, among other things, this has lead to a paper on The Topology of Nilpotent Representations in Reductive Groups and their Maximal Compact Subgroups which was published in Geometry & Topology.

Previously, I completed my MSc under the supervision of Mikaël Pichot at McGill University. My thesis was On CAT(0) aspects of geometric group theory and some applications to geometric superrigidity.

As an undergraduate, I worked in algebraic combinatorics with Ada Chan, geometric group theory with Olga Kharlampovich and Coxeter groups with Christophe Hohlweg.


I organized the the graduate student topology seminar from 2013 to 2015.
The meetings took place on Mondays at 2pm in the PIMS library (ESB 4133).


E-mail: mbergeron `at' math `dot' ubc `dot' ca.

Snail mail: Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Room 121 - 1984 Mathematics road, V6T 1Z2, Vancouver, Canada.