Working Seminar in Algebraic Topology

The topics of the Spring 2011 Topology working seminar at UBC are listed below. We are meeting every Monday from 4:30-5:30pm in WMAX 110.

Click here for the Fall 2010 seminar on Mumford's conjecture.

Schedule of the talks.

  1. [10/01] Persistent Homology I. By Pierre Guillot.
  2. [17/01] Persistent Homology II. By Pierre Guillot.
  3. [24/01] Hochschild and Cyclic Homology I. By José Gómez.
  4. [31/01] Hochschild and Cyclic Homology II. By Cihan Okay.
  5. [07/02] No talk.
  6. [14/02] Reading week. No talk.
  7. [21/02] A Motivation for Hochschild and Cyclic (Co)homology. By Pierre Guillot.
  8. [28/02] More cohomology. By José Gómez.
  9. [07/03] Model Categories I. By Robert Klinzmann.
  10. [14/03] Model Categories II. By Robert Klinzmann.
  11. [21/03] Model Categories III. By Robert Klinzmann.

"When we come to undertake a complicated

piece of work, the convenience of having

available smash products of spectra is so great

that I, for one, would hate to do without it."

-J. F. Adams


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