MATH 180, Section 103, Fall 2012

Differential Calculus with Physical Applications


Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-3:20pm in Math 201, after class, and by appointment.

Important documents:

Drop-in tutoring: Stuck on a problem? Come to my office hours or seek help in the Math Learning Centre.

Workshops: There will be weekly workshops to help you learn the material. See the course outline for times and locations.

Homework and Quizzes: There will be WeBWorK assignments on Connect due every Thursday at 9pm. Additionally, you will be given a list of suggested homework problems from the textbook every week. They will not be collected. Instead, there will be a quiz at the end of each Tuesday class testing material from this list. At least 2/3 of the midterm and final exam problems will be similar to these suggested problems.

Midterms: There will be two midterms in this course. All sections of MATH 180 and MATH 100 will take the same midterm. If you have a valid conflict (e.g. an illness which has been documented by a physician, or a UBC timetable conflict), you will be allowed to write an alternate midterm at another time. In any other circumstance a score of 0 will be given. A review session will be held before each midterm.

Midterm Exam 1: Tuesday, Oct. 9, 6:30-7:30pm; covers Weeks 1–4 inclusive in the course outline; location TBA.

Midterm Exam 2: Monday, Nov. 5, 6:30–7:30pm; covers Week 5–9 inclusive in the course outline; location TBA.

The Final: All sections of MATH 180 and MATH 100 will take the same final exam. Past exams can be found here. A final review session will be scheduled closer to the end of the term.

Grading scheme: Final exam 50%, each midterm 16.25%, workshops 7.5%, WeBWorK 5%, quizzes 5%.

Calculators: No calculators or electronic communication devices are allowed at the quizzes, the midterms or final exam. Formula sheets are also not allowed.

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-Albert Einstein


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