Math 120
Honours Differential Calculus


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Midterm 2 and Solutions

Old Midterm 2 (2013)

Old Midterm 2 (2007)

Old Midterm 2 (2006)

Solutions to suggested problems on Taylor polynomials

Suggested problems on Taylor polynomials from section 4.10: 11, 15, 19, 24, 25, 33, 34, 35.

Midterm #2: Friday, November 20 (in class).

Midterm #2 will cover Sections 3.2 - 3.5: exp, log, growth and decay problems, inverse trig functions, Sections 4.3 - 4.6, 4.9 - 4.10: Indeterminate forms, extreme values, concavity, graph sketching, linear approximation, Taylor polynomi- als. No related rates or extreme value word problems.

Midterm 1 and Solutions

Review Session: Friday, Oct. 16, 4:30, Math 204

Old Midterm 1 (2013)

Old Midterm 1 (2007)

Old Midterm 1 (2006)

Midterm #1: Monday, October 19. Will cover sections 1.2-1.5, 2.1-2.6,2.8,2.9,3.1

Lectures 41-44

Lectures 37-40

Lectures 34-36

Lectures 30-33

Lectures 26-29

Lectures 22-25

Lectures 19-21

Lectures 15-18

Lectures 11-14

Lectures 7-10

Lectures 3-6

Lectures 1-2

Questions regarding registration for this class should be addressed to the Mathematics Department in Room 121 of the Math Building

Weekly homework assignments will be posted below. First homework assignment is due on Tuesday, Sept. 15. Homework assignments are collected at the beginning of class.

There will be two midterms, one in October and one in November.

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Instructor Information

Instructor: Brian Marcus
Email : marcus[at]math[dot]ubc[dot]ca
Office: Math Building, Room 218
Office Hours:  MWF 4:30-5:30 and by appointment
Phone: 822-3262

Course Information

Class time:  MTuWF 10:00 - 11:00
Class location:  Math 104

Course web page: will be updated throughout the term.

Text:  Adams and Essex: Calculus: Single Variable. Pearson, 8th Edition, 2013.
Course Description :
This is an Honours course. Emphasis will be on both computation and theory. Course material will mostly be taken from Chapters 1-4 of the text: Limits, Differentiation, Elementary functions, Applications and Approximation. There will be some very brief review of Chapter P (preliminaries) during the first week of class.

High-school calculus and one of (a) a score of 95% or higher in BC Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-calculus 12; or (b) permission from the Mathematics Department Head.


The course mark will be based on weekly homework assignments (10%), two midterms (40%), and a final exam (50%). This percentage distribution is approximate.

Weekly Homework Assignments will be posted on this website below and will be due usually on Tuesdays. Your lowest homework mark will be dropped.

Missed Exam Policy: Please make sure you do not make travel plans, work plans, etc., without regard to the examination schedule in this class. There will be no make-up or alternate exams.

If you miss a midterm, your score will be recorded as 0, unless you have a serious documented reason (an illness, a death in the family, etc.), in which case you should discuss your circumstances with the instructor as soon as possible, and in advance of the test.

Missed finals are not handled by the instructor or the Mathematics Department. Students with legitimate reasons for missing the final exam should request a "Standing Deferred" status through their Faculty.

Academic Integrity: The Mathematics Department strictly enforces UBC's Academic Integrity Code.

Students with Disabilities:

Please see the instructor as soon as possible if you need any special accommodations.

Homework Assignments

Homework #1, due Tuesday, September 15.

Solutions to Homework #1

TA remarks on Homework #1

Homework #2, due Tuesday, September 22 (extended to Wednesday, Sept. 23)

Solutions to Homework #2

TA remarks on Homework #2

Homework #3, due Wednesday, September 30

Solutions to Homework #3

TA remarks on Homework #3

Homework #4, due Wednesday, October 7

Solutions to Homework #4

TA remarks on Homework #4

Homework #5, due Wednesday, October 14

Solutions to Homework #5

TA remarks on Homework #5

Homework #6, due Wednesday, October 28

Solutions to Homework #6

TA remarks on Homework #6

Homework #7, due Wednesday, November 4

Solutions to Homework #7

Graph sketches for solutions to Homework #7

TA remarks on Homework #7

Homework #8, due TUESDAY, Nov. 10.

Solutions to Homework #8 (problems 1)

Solutions to Homework #8 (problems 2-8)

TA remarks on Homework #8

Homework #9, due FRIDAY, November27

Solutions to Homework #9 (problems 1 and 2; other solutions will be posted in a different file).

Homework #10, NOT to be turned in.