Complex Analysis

Math 440/508

Description:  The course will provide an introduction to Complex Analysis. We will also discuss applications to other fields, such as number theory.

Instructor: Akos Magyar, Phone: 822-3045, Email:
          Office hours:
MWF 12-1pm at Math 229E

        Prerequisite: Math 300  (or equivalent) and a score of 68% or higher in Math 320.

        Course outline:              

        1. The residue theorem
        2. The argument principle
        3. Conformal mapping
        4. The maximum modulus principle
        5. Harmonic functions
        6. Representations of functions by series and products
        7. Applications to number theory

        The core topics are contained in Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 8 of the textbook. Time permitting we will also consider other topics.

      Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am - 12 in Math Annex 1118    

      Grading Policy:
Homework problems will be posted regularly on the course website.
In addition, there will be a take home midterm and a take home final. You total score will
be a weighted average of your homework, midterm and final scores, with the breakdown as

Homework:  50%
Midterm:      25%
Final exam:  25%

Homework Assignments: 
There will be bi-weekly homework assignments posted here.

Problem Set 1 - Due Sept. 20th

Problem Set 2 - Due Oct. 4th

Problem Set 3 - Due Oct. 18th

Problem Set 4 - Due Nov. 15th

Problem Set 5 - Due Nov. 25th

Starting Friday October 18th.

Further Recommended Texts:
  •  Walter Rudin: Real and Complex Analysis