MATH 230--Finite Mathematics, 2013 Fall


    In the first part of the course we will review very elementary mathematics using Textbook 1. Then we will learn about basic concepts and methods of finite mathematics, such as counting principles and calculating probabilities using Textbook 2. The last two weeks will be devoted to short power point presentations called projects. These can be done alone or in groups of 2-3, the aim is to introduce/explain a mathematical concept or argument. I will provide a list of possible topics, supplementary texts and examples later.



Homework: Homework will be assigned each Friday and will be due one week later at the beginning of the class. To receive full credit you have to write your solution effectively, which in mathematics means, directly, simply and logically. You are encouraged to discuss the problems with other students however the work you submit must be your own. Late homework will not be accepted unless there is a serious reason.

Midterms: There will be one in-class Midterm scheduled on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Final: At the end of the semester there will be a comprehensive Final Exam.

Course Grades:  The course grade will be based on four components

Homework             20%
Project                    10%
Midterm                  20%
Final                        50%

Homework Assignments

Problem Assignments listed below are due each week at the beginning of the Friday class. Some (but may not all) of the problems handed-in will be marked and handed back. You have to show all the work in order to get full credit. No late Homeworks are accepted unless for serious documented reason.

Week 1: Textbook 1. The Base-10 system: addition/subtraction/multiplication algorithms.

Reading1.1-1.2, 3.2-3.3, 4.6
Homework Assignment 1  Due: Sept. 20th

Week 2: Basic Arithmetic: division and fractions

Reading 2.1-2.3, 3.4, 5.1, 6.2-6.3
Homework Assignment 2    Due: Sept. 27th

Week 3: Long division, number theory

Reading: 6.4, 8.1-8.2
Homework Assignment 3    Due: Oct. 4th

Week 4: Number theory

Reading: 8.3-8.6 
Homework Assignment 4    Due:  Oct. 11th

 Week 5-6: Textbook 2. Sets and Counting

Reading: 6.1-6.2
Homework Problems:  NO Homework Assignment this week.

Week 7: Review, Midterm: Wed., Oct. 23rd

Week 8: Counting: Permutations and Combinations

Reading 6.3-6.4,
Homework Assignment 5  Due: Nov. 8th


Week 9-10:

Reading: 7.1-7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Homework Assignment 6  Due: Nov. 25th

HW 6 - Solutions

Week 11: Projects

Homework Problems:

Week 12: Projects

Homework Problems: 

Week 13: Projects, Review