MATH 335 Section 201
Introduction to Mathematics
2010W Term 2

***** LATEST NEWS *****
  1. Here is a Mock Final Exam to give an indication of what to expect this year.

  2. Here is last year's final exam. Please note that we did not do some of the same topics this year (e.g. Q3).

  3. Here is last year's midterm.

  4. Here is Assignment 3, which is due Friday, March 11th in class.

  5. Here is the information for the term project.

Course Information

Text: The Heart of Mathematics; An Invitation to Effective Thinking 3rd Edition by Burger and Starbird. Note that an older edition will suffice.

Note that this course is not a remedial course in mathematics. It is intended, however, for students who would like an introduction to mathematical thinking. It is suitable for students who would like to become elementary school teachers, for example, but is not a course in mathematics pedagogy nor is it a simple review of elementary school mathematics. It is also suitable for students who would like to get an idea of what mathematics is and how mathematicians look at the world.

Students often come to this course with past "traumas" in their mathematics education. This couse is an opportunity to face your fears about mathematics in a safe environment. No one will call you "stupid" or tell you to give up. While it can be difficult to face mathematics anxieties, particularly ones rooted in childhood, it can also be a liberating experience. Most students discover that they can actually do some mathematics.


Your final mark in this course will be determined by the following breakdown:

  • 35% April Final Examination (date to be set by the Registrar)
  • 20% 2 Midterm Examinations (Friday, February 4, 2011, and Monday, March 14, 2011. There are no make-up midterms: the weight of a missed midterm will be transferred to the final exam.
  • 25% Assignments
  • 20% Term Project

    NOTE: Students must pass the final exam to pass this course.

  • Late Assignments: I do not accept late assignments. Assignments will also be due at the BEGINNING of class on the day they are due. NO exceptions.
  • Missing the Final Exam: You will need to present your situation to the Dean's Office of your Faculty to be considered for a deferred exam. See the Calendar for detailed regulations. Your performance in a course up to the exam is taken into consideration in granting a deferred exam status (e.g. failing badly generally means you won't be granted a deferred exam). In Mathematics, generally students sit the next available exam for the course they are taking, which could be several months after the original exam was scheduled.

  • Instructor Information
    Instructor: Mark Mac Lean
    Email: maclean (domain:
    Office: MATH 113
    Phone: 604-827-3038
    Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. I am also happy to answer questions by email; you should expect a 24 hour turn around on weekdays and by the end of the day on Monday for email sent over the weekend.

    1. Fun and Games
    2. Number Contemplations
    3. Infinity
    4. Geometric Gems
    5. Contortions of Space
    6. Further Topics
    Online Course Material


    There will be regular assignments in this class. Mathematics is a subject one learns by DOING problems, so please take these quizzes and assignments seriously.

    ****Please note that plagiarism (e.g. copying someone else's solutions to an assignment) is a serious academic offense at UBC. Generally, students caught plagiarizing receive suspensions (usually 12 months) and a notation on their transcripts that would jeopardize admission to professional programs, for example.


  • Assignment 1 is due Wednesday, January 26th.

  • Assignment 2 is due Friday, March 4th.

  • Assignment 3 is due Friday, March 11th.

    Some Handouts

  • Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Vivaldi's Essential Mathematics ebook. We will cover some of this material and you will have some assignments on it. Our goals will be to develop computational competence, and general number sense.

  • Here is last year's first midterm

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