MATH 104 Section 102
Differential Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences

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  1. Solutions to Midterm 1.
  2. Solutions to Midterm 2.

Course Information
The official statement of course policies and the grading scheme can be found at the MATH 104 website.

  • Students in Section 102 should check on Connect for all up-to-date announcements.

  • Note that NO unauthorized electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, ipods) or memory aids are permitted on any quizzes or exams.

  • No unauthorized audio or video recording devices may be used in class.

  • Instructor Information
    Instructor: Mark MacLean
    Email: maclean (domain:
    Office: MATH 113
    Phone: 604-827-3038 (I do not have voice mail.)
    Office Hours: By appointment. I also answer questions by email.

    Class Learning Activities: 10% of your grade will be for participating in various planned learning activities. These will be presented as the term unfolds.

    Online Course Material

    Material from Lectures
    1. Solutions to Midterm 1.

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