Grading Scheme

Your grade in MATH 100 will be computed based on the following formula.
A student must score at least 40% on the final exam to pass the course.

On scaling:

Special circumstances

If you miss any homework assignments, quizzes, or the final exam, you should read our page on missed assessment. In no circumstance can a student have 100% of their assessment based on the final examination. A student who has not completed a substantial portion of the term work (for example, a student who misses most quizzes) will not be admitted to the final examination.

If you wish to have a quiz regraded, carefully read the relevant information on the in-class quizzes page; we will only consider requests that follow the procedure outlined there.

A student who wishes to view their final exam for pedagogic purposes may initiate this process by filling out the appropriate Mathematics department form. Note that this viewing of a final exam cannot change the grade of a final exam (except in the case of an obvious addition or recording error). Requesting a regrade of a final exam would be done at the university level by initiating a review of assigned standing procedure.

There is no mechanism by which a student can increase their assigned grade in the course after the semester (no “extra assignments” or the like). Please do not ask your instructor about such possibilities; the time to take responsibility for your performance in the course is during the semester.