Math 105 2013W2, Section 206

This is the section-specific page for Section 206, MWF 4-4:50pm. Here are the other webpages associated with Math 105:

Exam Information

The final exam will be held on Thursday, April 24, from 12pm-2:30pm. Details of the content are available here and a sample final exam is here. More problems from past exams can be found on the math exam wiki.

Section material

Section information

Instructor: Laura Peskin

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 4-4:50pm, in Buchanan A104.

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 5:15-6:15pm, in LSK 303C, or by appointment.

Instructor email:
About email: I'll aim to get back to you within a day, but don't count on immediate responses before homework deadlines. If you have a specific question about the course content or a homework problem, you're encouraged to post it on the course's Piazza (see below) so that everyone can benefit from the answer.

Piazza: We'll have a course-wide forum through Piazza. You should have gotten a link and and access code by email already; let me know if you haven't. Piazza is a space for questions and discussion about the course material and homework---please sign up and add to the discussion! Instructors will check in daily to moderate and answer questions. We hope that this will allow you to learn from each other's questions and to get responses more quickly than by individual email. After you sign in for the first time, take a look at Dr. Rath's intro note for guidelines about how and what to post.

Section-specific assigments: As you know from the common course page, 6% of your grade is based on section-specific work. For our section, this will consist of:

The challenge problem set is optional, but if you turn in the problem set and your grade on it is higher than your average quiz score, your challenge problem grade will replace your quiz average. So, strictly speaking, you have the option of doing either the quizzes only, or the challenge problems only. However, the quizzes will be much easier, and I strongly recommend that you take all of the quizzes whether or not you plan to do the challenge problems.
Updated grading policy for challenge problems: As decided at the beginning of the course, Challenge Set 1 scores can potentially replace quiz averages for Quiz 1 through Quiz 4, and Challenge Set 2 scores can potentially replace quiz averages for Quiz 5 through Quiz 8. Challenge Set 3 is extra credit for the section-specific grade: any points scored on the set will be added to the numerator of the section-specific grade. See the first page of Challenge Set 3 for more details. Feedback: If you have suggestions for how something about the course might work better, please let me know in person or by email! There will also be several formal (and anonymous) opportunities for feedback---the first one will be just after the first midterm exam, when in particular you can let me know what you think of the section-specific assignment policy above.

Have a great term!