UBC Math 255 for Mech 2, Sep-Dec 2014

This page provides unofficial backup for the materials that students can and should find on UBC's Connect e-learning system.

In cases of dire need (e.g., server failure), these unofficial copies should be better than no access at all.

Computer Lab 4: Solving a Separable ODE

Please note that the prelab requires some work to be completed before the lab starts, and handed in at the beginning of your scheduled session.

Computer Lab 3: Finding Real Roots

Computer Lab 2: AM Demodulator

Computer Lab 1: Histogram

Weekly Learning Guides

Learning Guide for Week 01 [starts 2014-09-22] (PDF)

Learning Guide for Week 02 [starts 2014-09-29] (PDF)

Learning Guide for Week 03 [starts 2014-10-06] (PDF)

Learning Guide for Week 04 [starts 2014-10-13] (PDF)

Learning Guide for Week 05 [starts 2014-10-20] (PDF)

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Office Hours for Autumn 2014*

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* I will be unavailable on some days. Please check “Daily Specials” below before trekking to MATH 207.

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