UBC Math 255 for Mech 2, Sep-Dec 2013

This page provides unofficial backup for the materials that students can and should find on UBC's Connect e-learning system.

In cases of dire need (e.g., server failure), these unofficial copies should be better than no access at all.

Dr. Philip D. Loewen

Office Mathematics Building, room 207
Email loew@math.ubc.ca (try this first)
Office phone 604-822-3082 (urgent cases only, please)
URI http://www.math.ubc.ca/~loew/
Office Hours Drop-in hours are shown below. Meetings outside these hours can also be arranged, but please reserve a time by email beforehand. Unexpected visitors often cannot be accommodated. If you expect to need more than 15 minutes, please make an appointment.

April 2014*

Mon 14 Tue 15 Wed 16 Thu 17 Fri 18
by appt by appt 14:00-16:00 14:00-16:00 by appt

NOTE: Math 257/316 students should check the course home page for other support resources this month.

* I will be unavailable on some days. Please check “Daily Specials” below before trekking to MATH 207.

Daily Specials NONE: This week looks normal so far.

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