UBC Math 264, Winter 2018

This page exists for emergencies only. An “emergency” occurs when I can't post things to UBC's “Connect” system, where all MATH 264/ELEC 211 resources normally show up. For convenience, here is a direct link to the relevant WeBWorK Assignments. It's normal to seeing nothing more here except for the contact information near the bottom of the page.

Dr. Philip D. Loewen

Office Mathematics Building, room 207
Email loew@math.ubc.ca (try this first)
Office phone 604-822-3082 (urgent cases only, please)
URI http://www.math.ubc.ca/~loew/
Office Hours I'm happy to meet individuals or small groups in room MATH 207, but advance planning is essential. To schedule a conversation, email loew@math.ubc.ca, including your course number (e.g., “264” or “211”) in the subject line.

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