This course is now over, and the page survives only as a place-holder in case I ever teach this course again in the future.

UBC Math 264, Winter 2014

This page exists for emergencies only. An “emergency” occurs when I can't post things to UBC's “Connect” system, where all MATH 264/EECE 261 resources normally show up. It's normal to seeing nothing useful here except for the contact information near the bottom of the page.

Dr. Philip D. Loewen

Office Mathematics Building, room 207
Email (try this first)
Office phone 604-822-3082 (urgent cases only, please)
Office Hours Drop-in hours are shown below. Meetings outside these hours can also be arranged, but please reserve a time by email beforehand. Unexpected visitors often cannot be accommodated. If you expect to need more than 15 minutes, please make an appointment.

Office Hours for December 2014*

Mon 08 Tue 09 Wed 10 Thu 11 Fri 12
11:30–12:30 11:30–12:30 10:30–11:30 11:30–12:30 [none]

* I will be unavailable on some days. Please check “Daily Specials” below before trekking to MATH 207.

Daily Specials None.

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