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This page is for students who require my services as a department undergraudate advisor. Students interested in reserach supervision should instead visit my students page.

General comments

Transfer credit requests

Who should I contact about my mathematics transfer credits?

  1. If you are a propspective student, a second-degree student, or a graduate student, you may contact me directly.
  2. If you have just been admitted to UBC, please contact UBC Admissions. They can contact me on your behalf.
  3. In all other cases please contact your faculty advising office. They will collect the necessary information and relay it to me.

If you have already contacted one of these offices and they asked you to contact me, include the email address of the person who referred you to me in your message.

Email instructions

My address is
The subject line should read:
Transfer Credits: [student id] [student name]
In the body of the message, I will need the following information:
  1. Your current/intended faculty and programme, including whether you are a first-degree student, a second-degree student, a graduate student, etc.
  2. The institution where the courses were taken.
  3. For each course you want me to consider, as much as possible of the following information:
    1. The course name and number.
    2. The total number of lecture hours in the course.
    3. A detailed syllabus, textbook used.
    4. Total hours of classroom instruction.
    5. Sample course materials (exams, midterms, homeworks) allowing me to judge the level of the course.
    I will not consider courses without sufficient information. I can read English, Hebrew, and some European langauges but all other materials must be translated to English.
  4. The names and contact details of any other advisors and advising offices you have contacted about this matter and their responses to you.

It may take me some time to respond: I work on these requests in batches.

Transfer credit results

UBC can recognize a mathematics course taken at another university in three different ways (options 2,3 are non-exclusive). You can get:

  1. Specific credit if there is a UBC course whose material you have covered entirely at the appropriate level.
  2. Generic credit if the courses you have taken don't correspond to any specific UBC course.
    These are entered on your transcripts in the format "Math 1st(3)", "Math 3rd(6)" etc and count as mathematics courses of the specified year and number of credits.
    Generic credits help satisfy degree requirements (total credits, math credits etc), but not pre-requisites for future courses.
  3. Exemption from a UBC course. This helps satisfy pre-requisites but by itself doesn't count toward your degree. Second-degree and graduate students may only receive exemptions.

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