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  • Nov 30:
    Final Exam Topics Overview
    Lecture notes from last Tuesday's lecture is available. I added an exercise that will help you during your studying. has past year exams with solutions.

    Do remember to complete the course evaluations. The evaluations are an important way for us to receive feedback about the course and our teaching, and to help us understand what was good and what needs improvement. We take your evaluations and feedback very serious, so we ask that all of you fill out the evaluations. It takes less than 5 minutes. The evaluations can be accessed through
    and by logging in with your CWL.

    I will also hold a review session on Monday Dec 9th, 11am-12noon in LSK 303D. I will go through a several problems. If there are specific questions you would like me to go through, please let me know through email or bring it to the review session. If you cannot make the review session but have questions, I am also available by appointment and I can answer short questions through email.

  • Nov 22:
    Don't forget that HW 3 is due on Tuesday Nov 26. Part of the assignment involves you searching online to find out what kind of optimization problem you obtained. Make sure to cite any sources you use. Copying from sources without proper reference is considered plagiarism.

  • Nov 21:
    Quiz 4 Solutions and today's lecture notes are posted. I've also added an exercise to the square root example that you will find helpful while studying.

  • Nov 19:
    I will be traveling over the next 2 weeks, so office hour times are changed.
    • Tuesday Nov 26, 9:30-11:30AM LSK 303D
    • Thursday Nov 28, Cancelled
    • Monday Dec 9, 11:00AM-1:00PM LSK 303D
    Or by appointment. I can also answer short questions through email. Please plan ahead in case you need to attend office hours.

    I have arranged for a substitute instructor to take over the lecture on Nov 28.
  • Nov 16:
    • You can now check your class component, WebWork and exam scores on Connect. The class component score and WebWork score is not your final score, and can change depending on your performance during the rest of the semester. Please verify your scores for accuracy.
      Breakdown of grades: Class component 10%, WebWork 10%, Midterms 1&2 30%.
      Consult the Course Website for full details.
    • WebWork #9 is due Monday Nov 18th at 8:00AM
    • Lecture notes from Thursday's lecture is posted. We had not gone through the second part of Problem 2, but I provided the solution in the notes. This should not affect your ability to do the WebWork. We will go through the problem next lecture, but you should read it beforehand.
    • There will be a quiz next week. There will be a HW3 distributed next Tuesday and due in a week.
  • Nov 12:
    • Midterm 2 solutions are available on the main course website. Midterms will be returned on Thursday, probably.
    • Lecture notes from today are available. This week's reading assignment is Ch 4.4 on Optimization. It contains many problems for you to practice. We will go through more optimization problems on Thursday.
    • A reminder that the WebWork #9 on optimization is due next Monday, Nov 18th at 8:00AM PST. No WebWork due this week, but my advise is to start working on it asap. WebWork #10 is due Wed Nov 27, 8:00AM PST, and will be your last WebWork.
    • Quiz 3 and HW2 can be picked up during office hours. The solutions have been posted.

  • Nov 6:
    • The WebWork that was due today contained one question on asymptotes. Since we have not covered asymptotes in class, I will discount that question from your WebWork grade. You are still expected to practice that question after we cover asymptotes on Thursday.
    • The next big topic, Optimization, spans this week and next week. There will be a WebWork on Optimization due on Monday, Nov 18th at 8:00AM PST. There will not be a WebWork due next week.

  • Nov 5:
    Quiz 3 Solutions
    Midterm 2 Summary of material covered & study tips
    Graphing example from today's lecture HW2 Solutions

  • Nov 4:
    • Midterm 2 is on Thursday Nov 7 at 6:40-7:40PM.
      The room location for MATH104 Section 104 is
      *** BIOL 2000 ***
      This is the same location as for Midterm 1.
    • If you haven't already filled in the survey and feedback form, please do so before Thursday.
      MATH104-104 Mid-semester survey & feedback form
      Your feedback is important.
  • Nov 3:
    I will hold extended office hours on Tuesday Nov 5 from 9:30-11:30AM in LSK 303D. Thursday office hours will be at the regular time, 9:30-10:30AM.

  • Oct 31:
    Today's lecture notes are posted. I am not assigning reading for next lecture, but you should spend the time to prepare for the exam and reread Ch 4.2 & 4.3.

  • Oct 29:
    • A Mock Midterm 2 is available on the main course website. Solutions will be posted 2 days before the real Midterm 2.
      There are also extra related rates problems, and also lots of extra study material. Don't forget to check the course website regularly if you aren't already doing so.
    • Lecture notes from last Thursday and today are available. Reading assignment for next lecture is posted.
    • If you have a legitimate conflict for the Midterm 2, please email Prof. Mac Lean immediately to arrange the alternative midterm. It will probably be the same students who were granted an alternative midterm previously for a legitimate conflict.

  • Oct 28:
    Dr. Radhika Ganapathy has kindly shared the answers to the even numbered problems in the Suggested Problems. You can access the answers from the link to the right. These are final answers, not full solutions, and are just meant for you to check your answers.

  • Oct 22:
    Homework 2 was distributed today. It is due on Tues 10/29.
    Here are some Problems on Elasticity.

  • Oct 18:
    • Final exam schedule for MATH104/184:
      ** December 11 at 12PM **
      Expect the final exam to be a long exam.

    • Reading assignment for next Tuesday's lecture is available. We will continue to cover Elasticity next week, so you should reread the notes on elasticity before the lecture. There are also some Problems on Continuous Compounded Interest

    • Week 7 Learning Goals are available.

    • Midterm 1 Solutions are available. Those of you who did not collect their Midterm 1 in yesterday's class may pick them up during office hours.

  • Oct 15:
    Reading assignment for Thursday's lecture is available. The material to read are notes by Prof. Mac Lean and are also available on the main course website.

  • Oct 4:
    • Midterm 1 Information is available on the Main Course Website. It contains the instructions and details about the Midterm 1 that you need to know.
      It is your responsibility to read the entire Midterm 1 Information carefully and heed all instructions.

    • EXAM ROOM ASSIGNMENT: All students in MATH 104 Section 104 will write the exam in
      ** BIOL 2000 **
      Here is some Building and Room information

  • Oct 3:
    • Office hours for next week:
      Tues 10/8 and Thurs 10/10 9:30am-10:30am (Regular time)
      Wed 10/9 12-1pm (Extra time)
      All office hours are held in LSK 303D.
      Office hours are open to all, no appointment needed, and you may stay for as long as you have questions.
    • A Midterm Statement will be posted on the Main Course Website tomorrow. It will state all the information you will need to know for the Midterm 1. Make sure to check the Main Course Website.
    • Room assignments for the Midterm will be posted on this Section Website before next week. The class may be split over multiple rooms.
    • This week's lecture notes and next week's reading assignment are posted.

  • Oct 2:
    Many of you have been asking for solutions to the Mock Midterm. I am heartened to see that so many of you have already attempted the Mock Midterm. As stated the Main Course Website, "Solutions for the Mock Midterm will be posted 2 days before the real midterm."

  • Oct 1:
    If you left your phone in the Office Hours room today (LSK 303D), you can retrieve if from the Math Office (Math Rm 121).

  • Sept 26:
    MIDTERM EXAM 1: Thurs October 10th at 6:40-7:40PM
    Venue TBA. Material covered TBA.

    -A Mock Midterm 1 is available for your practice. Use it to get comfortable with the format of the exam. However, there is no guarantee that the questions on the exam will be identical to the mock exam.
    -Extra Business Problems are also available for you to practice. Business problems are an integral part of this course!

    Note: Travel is not a valid excuse to miss any exam. Please consult the full exam policies on the main MATH104/184 Course Website.

    Reminder: FINAL exam schedules become available in mid-October. Please hold off on arranging end-of-semester travel until you know the exam schedule.

    -There will be a quiz in class next week.

  • Sept 24:
    - Many of you have asked about the shrinking circle question on WebWork 1. Dr Kelly Paton has kindly written and posted the solution for the shrinking circle question.
    - If you are still not comfortable with some algebra, you may find the Review of Algebra link on the right useful.
    - Go explore the Wolfram Alpha link on the lower right side of this page!

  • Sept 24:
    Your quizzes are graded and ready to be picked up. You may pick them up directly from me either before class on Thursday between 7:40-8:00AM in the lecture room LSK 201, or after class on Thursday during office hours 9:30-10:30AM in LSK 303D. If you are unable to make any of those times, please email me to make an appointment.

    HW 1 is also due on Thursday.

    Notes from today's lecture and reading assignment for Thursday are posted.

  • Sept 22:
    The Math Learning Center is offering Math 104 specific Problem Solving Sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the term. MLC TAs will help students to work through problems independently. Each session is limited to 30 students on a first come first serve basis.
    MLC Poster

  • Sept 19:
    Homework assignment 1 was given out today. It is due on Thursday 9/26 at the start of lecture. (There's a typo on the due date written on the HW sheet.)

  • Sept 17:
    Today's lecture notes on the business problem and the reading assignment for Thursday are posted.

  • Sept 15:
    Starting this week, iClicker responses will begin to count towards your class participation grade. This is a list of students whom I have a record of iClicker responses for the Thursday 9/12 lecture.
    iClicker response list
    Not all of you have successfully used your iClickers in last week's lectures. If your name is not on the list because you haven't registered your iclicker on Connect, or didn't bring your iClicker to class, or other similar reason, please fix that immediately. Otherwise if you think your name is excluded from the list in error, please see me.

  • Sept 12:
    *** Quiz: There will be a pop quiz next week. Questions on the quiz will be very similar to the suggested problems from the textbook, listed on the Weekly Learning Goals. Topics are the Week 0 and Week 1 Learning Goals (i.e., Chapters 1.3 and 2.1,2.2,2.3 are in; no Business problem). The Weekly Learning Goals are found on the main MATH104/184 course website (and they are also a good reference for you to check if you achieved the learning goals).
    *** Homework: After the quiz, you will get a HW assignment. You will have 1 week to complete the HW. This is on top of the weekly WebWorks. This announcement is for you to plan your time accordingly.
    *** Reading for next lecture is posted.
    *** iClickers: Starting next week, iClicker responses will start to be counted into your class component. Remember to bring your iClicker to every class!

  • Sept 11:
    Lecture notes for 9/10 Tuesday's lecture is posted. Follow the link to the right. These notes are for the screen presentations (review of inverse, exp, log). Don't forget: the 9/10 lecture also consisted of board presentations covering material from Ch 2.1. Notes for the board presentations are unable to be posted online. If you have questions about material from board presentations (or just any question), my office hours are the place to have your questions answered.

  • Sept 9:
    For those who haven't done so, remember to register your iClickers!
    Remember to bring your iClicker to every class!

  • Sept 6:
    WebWork! The WebWork portal is accessible from Connect under the course page for "MATH104/184-All Sections". You will find a link to WebWork on the left toolbar. Alternatively, you can also access the WebWork portal via this direct link and sign in with your CWL:
    WebWork assignments are due every week, Wednesdays at 8AM, rain or shine. No additional reminders will be given for it.
  • Sept 5:
    Clarification on textbook. The official textbook is: Briggs & Cochran, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 3rd Custom Edition, Volume 1. This textbook contains exactly Ch 1-6 & 9 of the original book, Briggs & Cochran, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 1st edition. Any other Custom Edition will be the same material as the original book but contains a different selection of chapters from the 3rd Custom Edition. **All assignments will be given out from the 3rd Custom Edition. If you choose to get a custom edition that's not the 3rd Custom Edition, you will have to double check the page numbering/problem numbering to make sure you're doing the correct reading/problem.**
    Also, if you get a Briggs & Cochran book that's not "Early Transcendentals", you're using the wrong book.
  • Sept 5:
    Reading for next lecture on 9/10 is posted in the right column. Lecture notes from 9/5 are available through the link on the right.
  • Aug 30:
    Remember to register your iClickers!
    If you have not already done so, (0) get an iClicker from the Bookstore, (1) log in to Connect and go to our class page, (2) click the "iClicker registration" link on the left toolbar, (3) follow the prompts to register your iClicker.
    More info in the iClicker documentation