MATH 104 Section 104
Differential Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences


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FINAL EXAM: December 11, 12noon - 2:30pm
Venue: SRC A/B/C

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  • Nov 30:
    Final Exam Topics Overview
    Lecture notes from last Tuesday's lecture is available. I added an exercise that will help you during your studying. has past year exams with solutions.

    Do remember to complete the course evaluations. The evaluations are an important way for us to receive feedback about the course and our teaching, and to help us understand what was good and what needs improvement. We take your evaluations and feedback very serious, so we ask that all of you fill out the evaluations. It takes less than 5 minutes. The evaluations can be accessed through
    and by logging in with your CWL.

    I will also hold a review session on Monday Dec 9th, 11am-12noon in LSK 303D. I will go through a several problems. If there are specific questions you would like me to go through, please let me know through email or bring it to the review session. If you cannot make the review session but have questions, I am also available by appointment and I can answer short questions through email.

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This is the Syllabus for the class component of Section 104, detailing class policies and class component grading scheme.

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Reading Assignments

  • Reading for 11/26 Lecture:
    pg 590-593 Ch 9.1 "Linear and quadratic approximation" and "Taylor polynomials" pg 597-598 Ch 9.1 "Estimating the Remainder"

  • Reading for 11/19 Lecture:
    Ch 4.5 Linear approximation (excluding subsection on differentials)

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Notes on Continuous compound interest
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Notes on Price Elasticity
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Notes on Marginal cost, revenue, profit

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