Math 220: Mathematical Proof (Section 201)

This is the webpage for Math 220, Section 201, taught by me (Krishanu Sankar) at the University of British Columbia from January to April of 2018. The other two sections are taught by Mahta Khosravi, whose webpage for this course should be regarded as the main webpage for assignments and administrative information. This page is primarily meant for my contact information and supplemental notes that I think will help.

Instructor Contact Information

I will do my best to respond to email questions. To make it easier for me, please state your question clearly in the email. If you have a more detailed question, bring it to office hours. Or, if you cannot make it to office hours, we can arrange another time by email. Lastly, I have included the physical location of my office if you urgently need to find me or leave something for me, but it is not a good place for holding office hours and so I will be holding my office hours in a different room (time and place TBD).

E-mail contact:  ksankar[at]math[dot]ubc[dot]ca
My office (Not for office hours):  Earth Science Building room 4118 (PIMS)

Office Hours Time:  Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:30 (right after class), Wednesday 1-2
Office Hours Location:  LSK 300

Finals week Office Hours Time:  Monday 2-3 (LSK300), Tuesday 1-3 (LSK300), Wednesday 3-4:30 (MATX1102)


When:  Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 - 12:20.
Where:  Math Annex, room 1100

Mathematics is not a spectator sport. The way you learn is by actively participating in class. Bring paper and pen/pencil to class, as we will do exercises in class.

Laptops should be closed and put away, unless you are using one to take notes. In that case, please sit behind others so that they are not distracted. Cellphones should also be kept away and on silent/vibrate.

Since this is a common lunchtime hour, I understand people may eat food in class. If you do so, please keep it quiet to avoid distracting those around you. Keep it neat and leave no trace.

Syllabus and Course Information

Getting Started on TeX

TeX is a powerful typesetting program which allows you to create beautiful mathematical expressions, diagrams, pictures, etc. You need two things: to download and install a set of packages on your computer, and then to get an editor (easy). The nice thing is that this is all totally open-source and so all of the resources are out there. But that also means you'll have to do a bit of digging around to understand what's going on.

TeX Distribution: Go here and follow the directions corresponding to the operating system you use. Another option given is to use an online service like Overleaf or ShareLaTeX to write your documents. While you can do this, it will make things a bit harder down the line. These options are really best if you want to write collaborative LaTeX documents with others in real-time (as opposed to using git).

Editor: I personally recommend TeXMaker. (Technically any preferred txt file editor will do, but then you have to compile files from the command line. TeXMaker has all the relevant functionality nicely built in and displayed.) Note that if you chose to write your documents in an online service, you don't need to download an editor.

Some TeX samples and additional notes

From Class 1
From Class 1 source files
Class 2 Questions
Class 2 Solutions
Class 2 Solutions source files
Class 3 Questions
Class 3 Solutions
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Class 24 Notes
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