Krishanu Sankar

I'm a mathematician who enjoys solving puzzles, building abstract structures, and using technology. I am driven by a deep desire to be a part of a cause -- to find solutions that positively impact the community around me and the world at large.
I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Mathematics Department at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, and I work as a researcher at 1QB Information Technologies

E-mail:  ksankar[at]math[dot]ubc[dot]ca
Office:  ESB 4118 (PIMS)

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Published papers

  • Achievable Sets in Z^n (2012) paper, journal link . I wrote this paper as an undergraduate at the 2010 Duluth REU.
  • Equipopularity Classes of 132 avoiding permutations (2014), journal link . Joint work in 2013 with Lynn Chua at the Duluth REU.


  • Symmetric Powers and Eilenberg-Maclane Spectra draft
  • Equivariant Steinberg Summands draft

    PhD Thesis

  • Symmetric Powers and the Dual Steenrod Algebra final version
  • University teaching

    Math 220: Mathematical Proof (Spring 2019, UBC)
    Math 102: Differential Calculus with Applications to the Life Sciences (Fall 2018, UBC)
    Math 220: Mathematical Proof (Spring 2018, UBC)
    Math 102: Differential Calculus with Applications to the Life Sciences (Fall 2017, UBC)
    Math 21b: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Spring 2017, Harvard). I've prepared worksheets and solutions for this course, available here.
    I upload my current projects to Github. At the moment I'm just getting started, and appreciate feedback or comments!
    Rubik's cube solver - I've written a sequence of scripts to solve a Rubik's cube.
    Over the years, I have been involved in a number of programs, both as a student and as a teacher. These programs have shaped me in a positive way.


    A program in rigorous mathematical inquiry, taught through number theory. It's for high school students and takes place in the summer at BU university. I was a student in the program in 2006, and then returned as a mentor for the Research Labs program in 2016.

    American Math Competition (MAA)

    A highly popular contest series for middle and high school students in the USA. These contest questions ignited my passion for math and honed my problem solving skills. It was also through the Math Olympiad Summer program (2011 and 2012) and subsequently International Math Olympiad in 2012 that I met many close friends. In the subsequent year, I continued to develop training materials for the program, and returned as a grader.

    The Duluth REU

    A summer research program for undergraduates. I was a student in the program in 2010, and then returned as a counselor in 2013.


    An after-school program for immigrant youth, based in Cambridge and Somerville, MA. I mentored a student in the program during my last year of graduate school.
    I run and race as part of VFAC, a running club in Vancouver, BC. I enjoy road and track races varying from the 1500m to the half marathon.

    I also like cycling, trail running, rock climbing, and hiking. I've done some exciting trips in the past, and have too many photos to count. Here are some assorted photos (reverse chronological, with no particular frequency):

    August 2018, a weeklong backpacking trip to Denali, Alaska

    Summer 2017, Bolivia