Course Outline for Math 184/105

Instructor: Keqin Liu

Phone: 822--3785

Office: Math Annex 1225

Office Hours: Mon and Wed 10:00 am--10:50 am, Tue: 10:00 am--10:50 am

All information about Math 184 are posted on the common Math104 and math 184 page for term 1:

Math104 and 184 Common Page

Quizzes: There will be about six in-class 1015 minute quizzes. Quizzes are worth 5% of your grade; your worst quiz score will be ignored. Calculators are not allowed on quizzes. Quizzes will be based on the corresponding suggested problems from the text.

MATH 184 is a four-credit course, with three hours of lectures and one 1.5-hour workshop per week, for one term. Your grade will be computed based on the following formula:

Considerate Behavior and Cheating: Talking in class is disruptive to others trying to concentrate on the lecture. Violators may be asked to sit separately or leave the class. Cheating on tests will not be tolerated. Any cheating will immediately be reported the head of the Mathematics Department for disciplinary action. Cheaters are often caught and the usual punishment is a 0 in the course, expulsion from the University for 1 year, no transferability for courses taken at another institution while under suspension and a notation on your transcript of the suspension due to cheating. Finally, it is considered inappropriate in any course to bring friends or other students not registered in the course into the lectures without first obtaining permission of the instructor.