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Last updated: Nov 1, 2005

Refereed Contributions


Published and accepted
Colijn C, Mackey MC (2005) A mathematical model of hematopoiesis: Periodic chronic myelogenous leukemia, part I, J. Theor. Biol. 237: 117-132. (S)

Colijn C, Mackey MC (2005) A mathematical model of hematopoiesis: Cyclical neutropenia, part II, J. Theor. Biol. 237: 133-146. (S)

Coombs D, Goldstein B (2005) T Cell Activation: Kinetic Proofreading, Serial Engagement and Cell Adhesion, J. Comput. Appl. Math. 184: 121-139.

Cytrynbaum EN, Sommi P, Brust-Mascher I, Scholey JM and Mogilner A (2005) Early Spindle Assembly in Drosophila Embryos: Role of a Force-balance Involving Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Nuclear Mechanics, Mol. Biol. Cell 16: 4967-81.

Gonzalez PA, Carreno LG, Coombs D, Mora JE, Palmieri E, Goldstein B, Nathenson SG, Kalergis AM (2005) Effects of pMHC density and TCR dwell time on T cell activation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102: 4824-4829.

Han B, Serra P, Amrani A Yamanouchi J, Maree AFM, Edelstein-Keshet L, Santamaria P (2005) Prevention of diabetes by manipulation of anti-IGRP autoimmunity: high efficiency of a low-affinity peptide. Nature Medicine (June) 11 (6): 645-652.

Mackey MC, Santillan M (2005) Mathematics, biology and physics: interactions and interdependence, Notices of the American Mathematical Society 52(8): 832-840.

Maree AF, Komba M, Dyck C, Labecki M, Finegood DT, Edelstein-Keshet L (2005) Quantifying macrophage defects in type 1 diabetes. J Theor Biol. 233: 533-551. (S)

Palmqvist L, Glover CH, Hsu L, Lu M, Bossen B, Piret JM, Humphries RK, Helgason CD (2005) Correlation of murine embryonic stem cell gene expression profiles with functional measures of pluripotency, Stem Cells 23: 663-680. (S)

Pujo-Menjouet L, Bernard S, Mackey MC (2005) Long period oscillations in a G0 model of hematopoietic stem cells, SIAM J. Appl. Dynam. Sys. 4(2): 312- 332.(S)

Santillan M, Mackey MC (2005) Dynamic behaviour of the B12 riboswitch, Phys. Biol. 2: 29-35. (S)

Submitted Publications
Dustin ML, Starr T, Coombs D, Majeau GR, Meier W, Hochman PS, Douglass A, Vale R, Goldstein B, Whitty A. (2005) Immunoadhesin mechanism predicts acute target discrimination by epitope density. Submitted.

Drobnjak I, Fowler AC, Mackey MC (2004) Oscillations in a maturation model of blood cell production, J. Math. Biol., submitted.

Non-referreed contributions

Papers (and abstracts) in non-refereed conference proceedings

Piret JM, Glover CH, Marin M, Chaudhry MAS, Eaves CJ, Bowen BD, Humphries RK, Helgason CD, Bryan J (2005) Investigations of murine embryonic stem cell maintenance by analyses of culture variables and gene expression profiling, Proceedings of the 19th ESACT meeting (Harrogate).

Dushek, O and Coombs, D (2005) Modeling TCR Mobility and T Cell Repolarization. American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting. (S)

Ball, C and Coombs, D (2005) Modeling Virus Competition Dynamics Within a Single Host. American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting. (S)

Marin M, Glover CH, Piret JM, Bryan J. Novel meta-analysis of disparate data sets in stem cell culture. 13th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Michigan , June 2005. (S)

Glover CH, Marin M, Humphries RK, Helgason CD, Bryan J, Piret JM. Correlation of gene expression changes with functional assay readout during early differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Molecular Regulation of Stem Cells Keystone Symposium, Banff, AB, Feb 2005.(S)

Catherine Foley, Treatment strategies for cyclical neutropenia using a DDE model. CAIMS annual meeting, Winnipeg, June 2005. (S)

2005 Theses

M.Sc. Thesis: Michael Marin, M.Sc. (UBC) 2005 A novel meta-analysis of disparate datasets in stem cell culture.

M.Sc. Thesis: Richard Kublik, M.Sc. (UBC Mathematics) Modelling the onset of Type 1 diabetes, April 2005

M.Sc. Thesis: Alexandra Jilkine, M.Sc. (UBC Mathematics) Mathematical Study of Rho GTPases in Motile Cells, October, 2005


Published and accepted
Bernard S., J. Belair, M.C. Mackey (2004) Bifurcations in a white blood cell production model, Comptes Rendus Biologies 327: 201-210.(S)

Mostafa Adimy, Fabien Crauste, Laurent Pujo-Menjouet (2004) On the stability of a nonlinear maturity structured model of cellular proliferation, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - B (in press)(S)

Mackey MC, Santillan M, Yildirim N (2004) Modeling operon dynamics: The tryptophan and lactose operons as paradigms, Comptes Rendus Biologies 327, 211-224. (S)

Pujo-Menjouet L., M.C. Mackey (2004) Contribution to the study of periodic chronic myelogenous leukemia, Comptes Rendus Biologies 327: 235-244. (S)

Pujo-Menjouet L., S. Bernard, M.C. Mackey. (2004) The origin of long period CML oscillations in a G0 model of hematopoietic stem cells, in press, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems.(S)

Santillan M, Mackey MC (2004) Why the lysogenic state of phage lambda is so stable: a mathematical modelling approach, Biophy. J. 86: 75-84.

Santillan M, Mackey MC (2004) Influence of catabolite repression and inducer exclusion on the bistable behavior of the lac operon, Biophy. J. 86: 1282-1292.

Topp, B.G., McArthur, M.D., Finegood, D.T. Metabolic adaptations to chronic glucose infusion. Diabetologia, 47: 1602-1610.(S)

Yildirim N., M. Santillian, D. Horike , M.C. Mackey (2004) Dynamics and bistability in a reduced model of the lactose operon, Chaos 14: 279-292.

Link to preprints from the Mackey group.

Books Published (2004)

Mahaffy J, Chavez-Ross A (2004) Calculus: A modeling approach for the Life Sciences, Pearson custom publishing. (Note: Chavez-Ross is an alumni MITACS-PDF with Keshet).


Adimy M, Pujo-Menjouet L (2003) Asymptotic behavior of a singular transport equation modelling cell division, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - B, Vol. 3, Number 3, August 2003, 439-456. (S)

Adimy M, Pujo-Menjouet L (2003) A mathematical model describing cellular division with a proliferating phase duration depending on the maturity of cells. Electronic Journal Of Differential Equations, Volume 2003, Number 107, 1-14. (S)

Bernard S, Pujo-Menjouet L, Mackey MC (2003) Analysis of cell kinetics using a cell division marker: Mathematical analysis of experimental data, Biophy. J. 84: 3414-3424. (S)

Bernard S., J. Belair, M. C. Mackey, (2003) Oscillations in cyclical neutropenia: new evidence based on mathematical modeling, J. Theor. Biol. 223, 283-298

Bernard S, Belair J, Mackey MC (2003) Oscillations in cyclical neutropenia: New evidence for origins based on mathematical modeling, J. theor. Biol. 223: 283-298. (S)

Boushey RP, Abadir A, Flamez D, Baggio LL, Li Y, Marshall BA, Finegood DT, Koh TJ, Wang TC, Schuit F, Drucker DJ (2003) Hypoglycemia and defective glucagons secretion in mice with a targeted disruption of the gastrin gene. (Accepted, Gastroenterology, 2003).

Hamilton J, Cummings E, Zdravkovic V, Finegood DT, Daneman D (2003) Metformin as an adjunct therapy in adolescents with type 1 diabetes and insulin resistance. Diabetes Care 26: 138-43.

Luca M, Chavez-Ross A, Edelstein-Keshet L, Mogilner A (2003) Chemotactic signaling, and Alzheimerĺs Disease Senile Plaques: is there a connection? Bull Math Biol, 65 (4): 693-730. (S)

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Other publications


MSc. Thesis: Alicia Shim, MSc (UBC) 2004 An Epidemic Model with Immigration of Infectives and Vaccination.

PhD. Thesis: Stefan Reinker, PhD (UBC) 2004 Stochastic Resonance in Thalamic Neurons and Resonant Neuron Models. (Note: Reinker was a MITACS-funded trainee during the completion of this thesis, which originated earlier.)


Coombs, D (Dec 6, 2003) Equilibrium behaviour of cell-cell synapses, Math Biology Symposium, CMS winter meeting (Vancouver).

Dawes A (UBC) Actin polymerization and Listeria propulsion, talk in informal session, BIRS workshop: "Mathematical Biology: From Molecules to Ecosystems: The legacy of Lee Segel" (July 8, 2003).(S)

Trudeau JD, Finegood DT (2003) The fate of antigen-specific cytotoxic T cells following syngeneic islet transplantation in non-obese diabetic mice. Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies 3rd Annual Meeting, Paris, France, May 15-19.

Topp, BG (Dec 6, 2003) The pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes: a dynamical bifurcation? Math Biology Symposium, CMS winter meeting (Vancouver)(S).


MSc Thesis: Amy Norris (UBC) Multivariate analysis and reverse engineering of signal transduction pathways. (S)

MSc Thesis: Cheryl MacDonald (SFU) Mathematical Modelling of Oscillatory Insulin Secretion. (S)

Glover CH, Eaves CJ, Piret JM (October 20th-23rd 2002)Talk: "Optimization of Cell Culture Media through gene expression profiling,, 52nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Vancouver, BC. (S)

Lipsett M, Finegood DT(2002) ▀-cell neogenesis during prolonged hyperglycemia in rats. Diabetes 51: 1834-1841, 2002.

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O'Brien BA, Huang Y, Geng X, Dutz JP, Finegood DT (2002) Phagocytosis of apoptitic cells by macrophages from NOD mice is reduced. Diabetes 51: 2481-2488.

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Pospisilik JA, Stafford SG, Demuth HU, Brownsy R, Parkhouse W, Finegood DT, McIntosh CHS, Pederson RA (2002) Long-term treatment with the DP IV inhibitor causes sustained improvements in glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, hyperinsulinemia and ▀-cell glucose responsiveness in VDF (fa/fa) Zucker rats. Diabetes 51: 943-950.


MSc Thesis: Clive Glover (UBC), Gene Expression Profiling for Hematopoietic Cell Culture, August 2001. (S)

PhD Thesis: Magdalena Luca (UBC), Modelling chemotactic systems in Alzheimerĺs Disease, Nov 2001. (S)



2005 Abstracts, Posters

Now listed on our Presentations web page.


Maree AFM, Kublik R, Huang S, Komba M, Dyck C, Finegood F, Edelstein-Keshet L (2004) Modelling the inflammatory process in Type 1 Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease, submitted, Physiological Society (for supplement to J Physiol.)

Yiqun, Z., Xuan, G., Finegood, D.T., Santamaria, P., Dutz, J. Blocking the interaction of TLR9 with CPG inhibits the cross-priming of diabetogenic CD8+ T cells and delays autoimmune diabetes. (Submitted, 12th International Congress of Immunology).

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Topp BG, Finegood DT (2001) Estimation of insulin sensitivity from fasting glucose and insulin levels: Glucose is irrelevant except when insulin is low. Diabetes 50 (Suppl.2). (S)