UBC Mathematical Biology Retreat, Monday Dec 19, 2005

1928 Cedar Park Drive, North, Point Roberts, WA



Agenda and Schedule:


9:00 Arrival and Refreshments (Coffee, muffins, etc)


9:15 10:10 Talk 1:

Omer Dushek & James Bailey:

Modelling the Thymic Development of T Cells

10:15 Discussion


10:15- 10:30 coffee break


10:30 11:25 Talk 2:

Jeremy Flowers & Ryan Lukeman:

Spatial Models for Spread of Epidemics


11:25 Discussion


11:30 1:30 Nature walk.

(If you will not feel energetic, you can also stay at the cottage and relax, read, eat, or work during this time.)


1:30-2:30 Lunch at the cottage


2:30- 3:25 Talk 3:

Jennifer Chaffee & Christina Yang & Jesse Raffa & Colleen Ball:

Modeling HIV Dynamics

3:25 Discussion


3:30-4:00 Informal discussions


4:00-4:30 Fun-time short movies and clips (bring with you your favorite DVD clips of animal aggregations, cells, or other things to share with the group.)


4:45 Departure















UBC Mathematical Biology Retreat, Monday Dec 19, 2005

1928 Cedar Park Drive, North, Point Roberts, WA

Phone: 360-945-1006



Driving Instructions:


To see a detailed map and instructions, go to http://maps.google.com/

Input the address:


1928 Cedar Park Dr N, Point Roberts, WA


You can get detailed directions from anywhere on the continent. Here is an edited synopsis of those directons:



1. Start in Vancouver (or at your own favorite starting point).


2. Go south on Oak street and cross the Oak St Bridge, heading south. This will get you onto the highway 99. (Pretend you are going to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal.)


3. You will go through the Massey Tunnel.


4. (Do NOT take the first exit after the tunnel, as tempting as that might be. If you do, it will just take you on a long scenic route through Ladner. You will arrive at your destination when we are already having lunch.)


Take the SECOND exit after the tunnel: i.e take the HWY-17 exit 28 to River Rd./Tsawwassen/Ferries Victoria,Nanaimo,Gulf Islands - go 0.4 km

5. Continue on HWY 17 about 7.3 km


When you get to Tsawwassen, stop pretending that you want to get on a ferry:


6. At Tsawwassen: Turn left at 56 St - go 4.5 km


This will bring you to the American Border


If, at this point, you discover that you do not have your passport or visa, GO BACK TO STEP 1.


7. Cross the USA border at Point Roberts, WA


(In case you get to Blaine, WA, you went too far. Go back to step 4.)


7. After the border crossing, continue on Tyee Dr - go 1.5 km


8. Turn left at Benson Rd - go 1.2 km


9. Turn right at S Beach Rd - go 0.3 km


10. Turn left at Cedar Park Dr N - go to house number 1928 (White cottage on your left).

(To add to the confusion, there is another Cedar Park Drive, which is the WRONG one, just a few meters south. Be sure you find the one marked Cedar Park Drive NORTH, because Im not sure our neighbors on the other street want to host this party.)