UBC Mathematics Department

Colloquium Schedule 2006-2007

The colloquium will normally take place in the Math Annex room 1100 at 3:00pm on Fridays. There will be tea
and cookies in the math lounge at approximately 2:45pm. Occasionally, the colloquium will be on a Monday  
4:00pm in the Math building room 104 or on a Wednesday 3:00PM in the PIMS building room WMAX 110.

September 5
Tuesday, 3pm
WMAX 110
Steve Gelbart
(Weizmann Institute)
Prime numbers, Riemann, and Langlands
September 8
Friday, 3pm
 Dominik Schoetzau
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for incompressible fluid flow 
September 15
Friday, 3PM
Stephanie van Willigenburg
A combinatorial classification of skew Schur functions 
September 22
Friday, 3PM
Michael Doebeli
Evolution of diversity: Pattern formation in phenotype space 
October 6
Friday, 3PM
Daniel Coombs
 Virus Competition at Multiple Scales
October 10
Tuesday, 3:30PM
WMAX 110
Joachim Rosenthal
(University of Zurich)
Three challenges of Claude Shannon 
October 13
Friday, 3PM
Jozsef Solymosi
On the Sum-Product Conjecture 
October 20
Friday, 3PM
Stephen Gustafson
Schroedinger maps 
October 27
Friday, 3PM
Patrick Brosnan
Motives and Feynman diagrams 
November 3
Friday, 3PM
Kalle Karu
Combinatorics of the blowup-blowdown conjecture 
November 10
Friday, 3PM
Ailana Fraser
Variational Methods in Riemannian Geometry 
November 17
Friday, 3PM
Hanspeter Kraft
(Universitaet Basel) 
On Hilbert's 13th Problem 
November 24
Friday, 3PM
Frank Ruskey
(University of Victoria) 
Venn and Euler Diagrams: Recent Results and Open Problems  
December 1
Friday, 3PM
George Homsy
(UC Santa Barbara) 
Multimedia Fluid Mechanics 

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