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Colloquium Schedule 2005-2006

The colloquium will normally take place in the Math Annex room 1100 at 3:00pm on Fridays and there will be tea and cookies in the math lounge at approximately 2:45pm. Occasionally, the colloquium will be on a Monday 4:00pm in the Math building room 104 or on a Wednesday 3:00PM in the PIMS building room WMAX 110.

September 9
Friday, 3pm
Michael Bennett
Diophantine Equations, Old and New
September 16
Friday, 3PM
Alexander Holroyd
The Bootstrap Percolation Cellular Automaton - a case study in Theory versus Experiment
September 23
Friday, 3PM
Rachel Kuske
Hidden time scales and stochastic dynamics
Septemer 30
Friday, 3PM
Vlada Limic
Lambda-coalescent processes and genealogies
October 7
Friday, 3PM
Steve Smith
(Univ. of Illinois, Chicago)
Quasithin groups and the classification of the finite simple groups
October 14
Friday, 3PM
Jim Bryan
Topological Quantum Field Theory and its applications ancient and modern.
October 17
Monday, 4PM
MATH 104
Michael Cowling
(Univ. of New South Wales)
Mappings that preserve familes of curves
October 21
Friday, 3PM
Prakash Belkale
(UNC at Chapel Hill)
Eigenvalue problem and a new product in the cohomology of flag varieties
October 28
Friday, 3PM
Nigel Boston
(University of Wisconsin)
Invariant-based Face Recognition
November 4
Friday, 3PM
Michael Thaddeus
(Columbia University)
Holomorphic curves on infinite-dimensional homogeneous spaces
November 11
Friday, 3PM
Remembrance Day
November 18
Friday, 3PM
Vladimir Chernousov
(University of Alberta)
Essential dimensions of algebraic groups
November 21
Monday, 4PM
MATH 104
Peter Walters
(University of Warwick).
Cohomology for Subshifts
November 25
Friday, 3PM
Ivar Ekeland
Nuts, bolts, and markets
December 2
Friday, 3PM
Maciej Zworski
(U.C. Berkeley)
Counting states in wave mechanics
December 9
Friday, 3PM
WMAX 110
Ian Hambleton
(McMaster University)
Groups and Geometry
December 14
Wednesday, 2PM
WMAX 110
Alexander Jones
(University of Toronto)
Locus theorems in ancient Greek geometry
December 16
Friday, 3PM
Ramesh Sreekantan
(Tata Institute)
Drinfeld Modular Curves and special values of L-functions

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