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MATH 616A: The polynomial method in combinatorics,

Spring term, 2019.

Instructor: Joshua Zahl.
Where and when : TuTh 9:30-11:00, Math Annex 1118
My office: Math 117.
Office hours: by appointment.
Text: We will loosely follow Polynomial Methods in Combinatorics by Larry Guth. Purchasing the textbook is recommended.


Here is the schedule for end of term class presentations (names are listed alphabetically and might not represent the order of presentations)

03/21: Charlotte & Kyle - Cap sets
03/26: David & Ethan - Range searching and depth cycles
03/28: Abhishek & Iqra - Finite field Kakeya and error correcting codes
04/02: Daniel & Jacob - Lines in F_p^3
04/04: Federico & Toni - Properties of real algebraic varieties