Publications and Preprints

Selected Publications
  • with M. Sobral: Aspects of Monads, Chapter 5 of Categorical Foundations, Cambridge University Press, 2003.
  • with M. Grandis: Homotopy Structures for Algebras over a Monad, Appl. Cat. Structures 7(1999), 227-260.
  • with A. Stone: Soft Adjunction between 2-categories, J. Pure App. Algebra 60(1989), 155-203.
  • with A. Stone: Topoi over Graphs, Cahiers Top. et Geom. Diff. XXV-1(1984), 51-62.
  • with W. Tholen: Decomposition of Morphisms into Infinitely Many Factors, Springer 962(1982), 175-189.
  • with A.Stone: Essentially Monadic Adjunctions,Springer L.N.M., 962(1982), 167-174.
  • with A. Stone: The Tower and Regular Decomposition, Cahiers Top. et Geom. Diff. XXIII-2(1982), 197-213.
  • Conditions for a Universal Mapping of Algebras to be a Monomorphism, Bull. A.M.S. 80(1974), 888-892.
  • Coherence and Embedding of Algebras, Math. Zeitschrift 135(1974), 185-220.

Selected Preprints

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