Math 605D-202 Page, Spring 2008

This page concerns Math 605D Section 202, Winter 2007-08 term II (i.e., Spring 2008).

This page has the most up-to-date information on the course and supersedes any other document.

This course will give an introduction to applications of linear algebra, especially the dominant eigenvalues/vectors, to a number of topics, such as: (1) expanders, (2) Monte Carlo Markov chains, (3) PageRank, and (4) state-splitting and constrained coding. We are open to covering other topics according to student interest. The applications are somewhat diverse, yet (remarkably) many of the underlying principles are the same.

The course should be suitable to students in math and a number of mathematical disciplines (e.g., computer science, electrical engineering, physics, statistics). The grade will be based on homework and/or a project/essay and/or presentation, with the following rough meaning.

The class will meet Monday 10-12 and Wednesday 10-11 in Math Annex room 1101. If you are interested in the course but cannot attend, please e-mail me (jf at math dot ...).
Notes Here are my (sketchy) notes from class: set 1 (Jan 14-23); last revised Jan 24. These notes will be revised and corrected from time to time. Here are some additional summaries from parts of class (made on Wed, 11-12): Jan 23 notes. Jan 30 notes. Feb 27 notes. March 5 notes. March 12 notes. March 26 notes. April 2 notes. April 7 notes. Here is a reading/homework exercise for Feb 11 and 13; we will discuss it in class after the break. Some problems and project ideas have been collected here.
Announcements New class time: M 10-12, W 10-11, in Math Annex 1101.
Homework Homework problems will be assigned during class and collected periodically.
Office Hours I (Joel Friedman) will hold office hours by appointment (for as long as this is feasible). During hectic times I may revert to limited office hours at fixed times.
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