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This page concerns Math 340, section 202, for Winter 2009-10 Term II (i.e., Spring 2010). The dates of exams, once announced, will not change; all other dates, homeworks, etc. are subject to change.

Not all course materials are available at all times (especially solution sets to homeworks).

Materials here are not necessarily free of errors; some corrections might only be announced in class.

Final Exam The final exam for Math 340-201 will be on Wednesday, April 28, 7pm, at (Irving Barber Learning Centre) IBLC 261. The following note sheet will be supplied along with the note sheet for the midterm. Office hours the week of the exam: Monday, 4-5pm, Tuesday 10:30am-12pm, in my office, Mathematics Building room 210, or in a nearby room indicated on my office door. No office hours on Wednesday, the day of the exam.
Overview Here is a general overview of this course. We first follow Poker, Taxes, Other Games, and Linear Programming (a supplemental article), and then follow the textbook by Chvatal.
Midterm The midterm will be held on Tueday, March 23, 9:30am, at MacLeod (MCLD) Room 228 Here is the note sheet that will be provided to you for the midterm. It will cover material up to Chapter 5 (namely, the article "Poker,..." on game theory, and Chvatal chapters 2,3, and 5). I will hold office hours from 10-11am on Monday (March 22) in my office (unless otherwise posted), Mathematics Building room 210. The midterm and solutions for this term are available.
Blog Here is a general skeletal blog for this course. This will show where we are in the text, and list some of the key points, terminology, etc. It is skeletal, just a bare outline, since we will follow the supplemental article and textbook very closely from now on.
Supplemental Reading After explaining what a linear program is, we delve right into matrix games, as an introduction to the rest of the course. Our coverage goes beyond Chapter 15 of Chavtal, and is given in a supplemental article Poker, Taxes, Other Games, and Linear Programming, which also has exercises. This article may be updated periodically. Later in the course we may use examples from my Spring 2007 notes; you are welcome to browse these notes, though the material covered this year will differ a fair amount from that of 2007. We may use notes for material from April 2008. Note that all applications of linear programming covered in class are covered in some detail in the text (our matching is the "assignment problem" in the text, and our "shortest path problem" is called the same in the text).
Homework Homework #1 (due Jan 19): 1(a),1(c),1(e),1(f),4,5 from "Poker, Taxes, etc." Solutions.
Homework #2 (due Jan 26): 2,6,7,8 from "Poker, Taxes, etc." Solutions.
Homework #3 is due Feb 2. Solutions.
Homework #4 is due Feb 11. Solutions.
Homework #5 is due March 11. Solutions.
Homework #6 is due March 16. Solutions.
Homework #7 is due April 6. Solutions. The solution to question 1 can be found in this older solution set.
Homework #8 will not be collected. Solution to question 1, and solution to question 2.
Sample Tests Note that material and emphasis may change from year to year. Exams available (some with brief solutions): midterm 1997 (solutions), midterm 1999 (solutions), midterm 2000 (solutions), midterm 2001 (solutions), midterm 2007 and solutions, final 1997, final 1999 (solutions), final 2000 (solutions). Midterm 2008 and solutions, Final 2008, Midterm 2009 and solutions, and Final 2009, are now available.
Gnus Of The World
Dec 15, 2008:"Poker, Taxes, etc." is on the website, although may be modified. Course overview is also available. Homeworks #1 and #2 assigned.

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