Joel Friedman's Math 340 Page

This page concerns Math 340, Section 101, for Winter 2014-15 Term I (i.e., Fall 2014). The dates of exams, once announced, will not change; all other dates, homeworks, etc. are subject to change.

Not all course materials are available at all times (especially solution sets to homeworks).

Materials here are not necessarily free of errors; some corrections might only be announced in class.

Basic Materials Here is a general overview of this course. We will first follow Poker, Taxes, Other Games, and Linear Programming (a supplemental article), which may be updated periodically. We then follow the textbook, "Linear Programming" by Vanderbei, 4th edition; it is available to anyone with a CWL account.
Blog Here is a general skeletal blog for this course. This will show where we are in the text, and list some of the key points, terminology, etc. It is skeletal--just a bare outline--since we will follow the supplemental article and textbook very closely.
Homework Homework to be listed here.
Sample Tests Note that material and emphasis may change from year to year. Exams available (some with brief solutions): midterm 1997 (solutions), midterm 1999 (solutions), midterm 2000 (solutions), midterm 2001 (solutions), midterm 2007 and solutions, final 1997, final 1999 (solutions), final 2000 (solutions). Midterm 2008 and solutions, Final 2008, Midterm 2009 and solutions, and Final 2009 are now available.
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