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This page concerns Math 340, Section 101, for Winter 2015-16 Term 1 (i.e., Fall 2015). The dates of exams, once announced, will not change; all other dates, homeworks, etc. are subject to change.

Materials here may contain errors; some corrections might only be announced in class.

News Here is are Final Remarks on Matrix Games and Poker which discusses convex and concave down matrix games and our solution to the "Big Poker Game" with 2^(52) strategies for Alice. For the final exam you will provided with this sheet of notes and formulas.
Midterm Here is the midterm with solutions. The grades are scaled as follows: 0/36 scales to a 0%, 12/36 scales to a 50%, 27/36 scales to an 80%, and 36/36 scales to a 100%. Anything in between is interpolated linearly.
Board Scans We are experimenting with new technology for the lectures: 2015_10_05.pdf, 2015_10_07.pdf, 2015_10_09.pdf, 2015_10_14.pdf, 2015_10_19.pdf, 2015_10_21.pdf, 2015_10_26.pdf, 2015_10_28.pdf, 2015_10_30.pdf, 2015_11_02.pdf, 2015_11_04.pdf, 2015_11_06.pdf, 2015_11_09.pdf, 2015_11_13.pdf, 2015_11_16.pdf, 2015_11_18.pdf, 2015_11_20.pdf. 2015_11_23.pdf, 2015_11_25.pdf, 2015_11_27.pdf, 2015_11_30.pdf, 2015_12_02.pdf, 2015_12_04.pdf. (Scans are usually posted within a day of the class; slides for future dates are never available.)
Basic Materials Here is a general overview of this course. We will first follow Matrix Games and Poker (a supplemental article), which may be updated periodically; after that we will follow the textbook "Linear Programming" by Vasek Chvatal. Occasionally we will refer to "Linear Programming" by Vanderbei, 4th edition; it is available to anyone with a CWL account. We will then revisit matrix games and poker. Other applications will be covered as time permits.
Exams Procedures For all exams you will be seated in alphabetical order by last name (as it appears on my class list). There may be more than one version of the midterm and/or the final. Midterms will be photocopied before they are returned to you.
Midterm There will be one midterm, which will be held during class hours on Friday, October 23; location to be announced.
Skeletal blog Here is a general skeletal blog for this course. This will show where we are in the text, and list some of the key points, terminology, etc. It is skeletal--just a bare outline--since we will follow the supplemental article(s) and textbook very closely.
Homework Homework to be listed here. At times, we will assign problems from previous exams, which can be found at our course's learning goals webpage.
Homework #1, due Sept 25: Exercises 9.3, 9.4, 9.7, and 9.8 of the handout Matrix Games and Poker. For 9.3, you can either answer each part individually, or write a sentence or two to explain what changes and what does not (but you must address all parts of the question). For 9.3, 9.4, and 9.8 you must justify your answers with an explanation (it is not enough just to write down the answer). Solutions.
Homework #2, due Oct 9, is given here. Solutions.
Homework #3, due Oct 21, is given here. Solutions.
Homework #4, due Nov 6, is given here. Solutions.
Homework #5, due Nov 13, is given here. Solutions.
Homework #6, due Nov 25, is given here. Solutions.
Office Hours Office hours Dec 14-18: Tuesday, Dec 15, 2-3:15pm, Thursday, Dec 17, 9-10:30am, all in Mathematics Building room 210.
Sample Exam Problems Learning goals, including sample example problems, appear in our course's learning goals webpage, which will updated periodically.

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