Preprints available online

Submitted Papers and Preprints:

  1. (with Azahara Delatorre, W. Ao and Mar Gonzalez) A gluing approach for the fractional Yamabe problem with isolated singularities
  2. (W. Ao, Hardy Chan and Mar Gonzalez) Existence of positive weak solutions for fractional Lane-Emden equations with prescribed singular sets
  3. (with W. Ao and M. Musso) Nondegeneracy of nonradial sign-changing solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equations
  4. (with W. Ao and M. Winter) Stable boundary spike clusters for the two-dimensional Gierer-Meinhardt system
  5. (with W. Ao and W. Yang) Infinitely many positive solutions of fractional nonlinear Schr$\ddot{\mathrm{O}}$dinger equations with non-symmetric potentials
  6. (with WW Ao and J. Yang) Vortex helices for inhomogeneous Gross-Pitaevskii equation in three dimensional spaces
  7. (with Manuel del Pino and Juan Davila) Singularity formation for the two-dimensional harmonic map flow into $S^2$
  8. (with Manuel del Pino and Monica Musso) Infinite time blow-up for the three dimensional energy critical heat equation
  9. (with Y. Ding and Z. Liu) Multiplicity and concentration of semi-classical solutions to nonlinear Dirac equations
  10. (with N. T. Fadai and M. Ward) A time-delay in the activator knetics enhances the stability of a spike solution to the Gierer-Meinhardt model
  11. (with Changfeng Gui and Yong Liu) Two-end solutions to the Allen-Cahn equation in $\mathbb{R}^3$
  12. (with ZM Guo) Entire solutions and global bifurcations for a biharmonic equation with singular nonlinearity
  13. (with YX Guo) Infinitely many positive solutions for nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger system with nonsymmetric first order
  14. (with S. Kim and M. Musso) A non-compactness result on the fractional Yamabe problem in large dimensions and supplement material
  15. (with S. Kim and M. Musso) Existence theorems of the fractional Yamabe problem
  16. (with T. Kolokolnikov) Pattern formation in a reaction-diffusion system with space-dependent feed rate
  17. (with Yong Liu) Nondegeneracy of the lump solution to the KP-I equation
  18. (with Yong Liu) Nondegeneracy of the traveling lump solution to the $2+1$ Toda lattice
  19. (with Yong Liu and Kelei Wang) On a free boundary problem and minimal surfaces
  20. (with Yong Liu and Kelei Wang) On one phase free boundary problem in $R^3$
  21. (with S Luo and W. Zou) On the triharmonic Lane-Emden equation
  22. (with S Luo and W. Zou) Classification of stable solutions to the fractional ($2
  23. (with S Luo and W. Zou) On finite Morse index solutions to the quaharmonic Lane-Emden equations
  24. (with CS Lin and Z. Nie) Classification of solutions to general Toda systems with singular sources
  25. (with CS Lin and Z. Nie) Toda system and hypergeometric equations
  26. (with CS Lin, W. Yang and L. Zhang) On rank two Toda system with arbitrary singularities: local maxx and new estimates
  27. (with Y. Liu) On Helmholtz equation and Dancer's type entire solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations
  28. (with CS Lin and W. Yang) Degree counting and shadow system for $SU(3)$ Toda system: one bubbling
  29. (with H. Matano) On anisotropic curvature flows (paper written in 1997)
  30. (with M. Musso and S. Deng) Sign-changing blow-up solutions for Yamabe problem
  31. (with Y. Sire and Y. Zheng) Nondegeneracy of half-harmonic maps from $R$ into $S^1$
  32. (with Kelei Wang) Finite Morse index implies finite ends
  33. (with M. Winter) Stability of new spike solutions in a supply chain model
  34. (with M. Winter and W. Yang) Stable spike clusters for the precurson Gierer-Meinhardt system in $R^2$
  35. (with W. Yan and B. Xu) On Lin-Ni's conjecture in dimension four and six
  36. (with Wen Yang) Multi-bump ground states of the fractional Gierer-Meinhardt system on the real line
  37. (with Liqun Zhang) On the effect of domain shape on the existence of large solutions of some spuerlinear elliptic problems,

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