Preprints available online

Submitted Papers and Preprints:

  1. (with WW Ao and CS Lin) On non-topological solutions of the $G_2$ Chern-Simons system
  2. (with WW Ao, M. Musso and F. Pacard) Solutions without any symmetry for semilinear elliptic problems
  3. (with Juan Davila and Manuel del Pino) Nonlocal $s$-minimal surfaces and Lawson cones
  4. (with Juan Davila and L. Dupaigne) On the fractional Lane-Emden equation
  5. (with M. del Pino and F. Pacard) Serrin's overdetermined problems and constant mean curvature surfaces
  6. (with M. del Pino and O.Agudelo) Liouville's equation and transition layers near a higher dimensional catenoid
  7. (with Z.Du) Clustering layers for the Fife-Greenlee problem in $\mathbb{R}^n$
  8. (with M. Fazly and X. Xu) A point-wise inequality for the fourth order Lane-Emden equation
  9. (with M. Grossi and F. Gladiali) On a general $SU(3)$ Toda system
  10. (with ZM Guo) Entire solutions and global bifurcations for a biharmonic equation with singular nonlinearity
  11. (with YX Guo) Infinitely many positive solutions for nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger system with nonsymmetric first order
  12. (with Meiyue Jiang) $2\pi$-periodic self-similar solutions for the anisotropic affine curve shortening problem II
  13. (with Yanyan Li and H. Xu) Multi-bump solutions of $-\Delta u =K(x)u^{\frac{n+2}{n-2}}$ on Lattices in ${\mathbb R}^n$
  14. (with CS Lin and L. Zhang) Classification of blowup limits for $SU(3)$ singular Toda systems
  15. (with CS Lin and L. Zhang) Local profile of fully bubbling solutions to SU(n+1) Toda Systems
  16. (with CS Lin and W. Yang) Degree counting and shadow system for $SU(3)$ Toda system: one bubbling
  17. (with M. Musso) Nondegeneracy of nonradial nodal solutions to Yamabe problem
  18. (with M. Musso and S. Yan) Infinitely many positive solutions for an nonlinear field equation with super-critical growth
  19. (with A. Pistoia and M. Musso) New blow-up phenomena for {\em SU(n+1)} Toda system
  20. (with Santra) On a singular perturbed problem in an annulus
  21. (with Kelei Wang) On the uniqueness of solutions of an nonlocal elliptic system
  22. (with M. Winter) Stability of new spike solutions in a supply chain model
  23. (with Liqun Zhang) On the effect of domain shape on the existence of large solutions of some spuerlinear elliptic problems,

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