MATH516-101 :       Partial Differential Equations   (First term 2019/2020)

Lecture I: Monday, 1:00--2:00 pm, MATHAnnex-1102

Lecture II: Wednesday, 1:00--2:00 pm, MATHAnnex-1102

Lecture III: Friday, 1:00--2:00 pm, MATHAnnex-1102

Office Hours, Every MW: 3:30-5:30pm, TU-Thur: 1-2:00pm or by appointment

Downloads For MATH516-101

Download 1: Course Outline

Download 2: HW1 (due: by 6pm of Sept. 20, 2019)

Download 3: Perron's Method

Updates For MATH 516-101

First class; Sept. 4, 2019

Sept 4: 1st order linear PDEs (transport equation); Poisson's Formula (stated).

Sept 6: Representation formula for Laplace equation. Mean-Value-Properties for harmonic function. (Evans' book, 2.2.1, 2.2.2.)

Sept 9: Properties of harmonic functions: smoothness, gradient estimates, analyticity. (Evans 2.2.3)

Sept. 11: Analyticity, maximum principle, Harnack inequality.

Sept. 13: Green's function, Green's representation formula.

Sept. 17: Green's function. Poisson's formula in a ball.

Announcements For MATH 516-101

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