MATH400-101 :       Applied Partial Differential Equations   (First term 2019-2020)

Lecture   I: Monday 9:00am--10:00am, LSK-460.

Lecture   II: Wednesday 9:00am--10:00am, LSK-460.

Lecture   III: Friday 9:00am--10:00am, LSK-460.

Office Hours: Every Monday, Wednesday, 4:30pm-5:30pm, Tuesday, Thursday, 1-2pm, LSK 303B.

Lecture Notes For MATH400-101

Lecture Notes 1

(revised) Example 10 (in Lecture 1) /h3>

Lecture Notes 2

Lecture Notes 3

Summary on First Order PDEs

Lecture Notes 4

Lecture Notes 5

Lecture Notes 6

Method of Reflection on Intervals

Lecture Notes 7

Lecture Notes 8

Lecture Notes 8.5

Lecture Notes 9

Lecture Notes 9.5

Lecture Notes 10

Notes on Second Order ODEs

Lecture Notes 11

Lecture Notes 12

Lecture Notes 13

Lecture Notes 14

Lecture Notes 15

Downloads For MATH400

Download 1: Syllabus

Download 2: HW1 (Due: Sept. 16, by 6pm)

Download 3: Solutions to HW1 (Due: Sept. 16, by 6pm)

Download 4: HW2 (Due: Sept. 27, by 6pm)

Updates For MATH 400-101

First class: Sept 4, 2019

Sept 4: Introduction to PDEs; 1st order linear PDE; introduction to characteristic curves and initial data curve.

Sept 6: Characteristic curves for Case 1 $ a(x,y) u_x+ b (x, y) u_y=0$. Examples. Domain of Existence.

Sept 9: Example 6 of Lecture Note 1. Method of Characteristics for Case 2 $ a(x, y)+ b(x, y) u_y= d(x, y, u)$. Example 8, 9, 11 of Lecture Note 1. Please replace Example 10 in Lecture Note 1 Example 10 (Lecture 1)

Sept 11: Example 8, 10 of Lecture Notes One. Start on General Solutions of Case 2.

Sept 13:General solution for Case 2. Finished Lecture Note 1. Start on Lecture Note 2.

Sept 16: Lecture Note 1. Quasilinear First order PDEs. Method of Characteristic Curves. Break-up time.

Lecture Note 2: Expansion fans, shock curves. Rankine-Hugoniot condition.

Announcements For MATH 400-101

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