Help: Difference Equation

The "Difference equation" algorithm interprets an equation of the form
           Y' = <function> 
as defining the value of Y at the next step. The function on the right side of the equation may depend on any variables (using their values at the current step). The independent variable indexes the steps (but note that its values are not necessarily integers, depending on the settings in the Main window). Suppose, for example, that the Main window shows
          Independent variable  N 
          Initial N =           1.0000
          Final N =             2.0000
          Number of steps      10
and in the Equations window we define
          Y' = N + Y
with initial value Y = 0 at N = 1. Then we will obtain
Y = 1   at N = 1.1
Y = 2.1 at N = 1.2
Y = 3.3 at N = 1.3, etc.
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