Mathematics 601 (Topics in Analysis)

Proposed for 2013-14 but rejected by the department

The Harmonic Analysis group plan is to offer the Math 541/542 series every other year (Malabika Pramanik is teaching it this year, 2012-13) and a third more "discrete" course in the remaining years. The proposed Math 543 has never been approved even though I submitted the paperwork several times, so I'm proposing this course as Math 601 instead. [Update, August 2013: Math 543 has now been added to the UBC calendar.]

The subject of the course will be polynomial and algebraic-geometric methods in harmonic analysis and additive combinatorics. The main goal is to present the recent solution solution (by Larry Guth and Nets Katz) of the Erdos distance set problem, along with the necessary background, related results and other applications of algebraic-geometric methods. Specific highlights will include: