Mathematics 542 (Harmonic Analysis II)

Spring 2011

Instructor: I. Laba (Math Bldg 200, 604-822-4457, ilaba(at)
Lectures: MWF 12-1, MATX 1118.
Office hours: Mon 2-3, Wed 1-2, and by appointment.

This course is a continuation of MATH 541 and will cover more advanced topics in harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces.

Your course grade will be based on 4 problem sets, tentatively due on January 26, February 9, March 9 and March 30. Each problem set will be worth 25% of your grade. There will be no final exam.

Alternatively, you may elect to give a 1 hour in-class presentation on a topic related to the course material. You would also have to prepare a written exposition to be handed out in class. A presentation would be fairly substantial (a research paper rather than just a section of a textbook) and would replace 3 of the homeworks. Here are a few possible topics:

Homework assignments: Tentative topics:
Recommended textbooks:
Prerequisites: MATH 541, or equivalent background in basic harmonic analysis.